How Print Advertising is Still Relevant for Law Firms

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In an ever-evolving digital market, many law firms wonder whether they should still utilize print materials. The answer is yes. Print advertising material can still significantly impact your brand and how current and potential clients view you and your firm.

In short, print materials will help clients: 

  • Form an opinion about you and your firm 
  • Determine if your services meet their needs
  • Decide if you are the right fit for their potential case

Further, print advertising is often a cost-effective option to convey who you are and what your law firm provides by creating a visual for the client to return to. 

Accordingly, this post outlines some print advertising options for attorneys.

Print Materials to Consider for Your Marketing Campaign

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders can be a great asset to your firm, as they can hold important information for your clients to assess your firm’s services. Instead of a traditional brochure, you can create a useful piece of marketing materials that’s also a bit more sturdy than the typical flyer.

Design this folder with your brand colors and contact information easily visible, insert your business card in a slot in the pocket of the folder, and use it to hold materials either about your services or client resource information. Clients will appreciate the practicality of a folder, and many clients may retain the folder for when they need your services again.


A one-sheet is a valuable tool to keep in your pocket folder or simply in the waiting area of your office. One-sheets — i.e. flyers– detail the information about your firm that you want to share directly with the client. 

One-sheets could address the following: 

  • Your biography and expertise
  • Your firm’s awards and/or recognitions 
  • Your practice areas 
  • Your services and/or industries 
  • List testimonials 

Since print materials can get expensive, it’s great to develop one-sheets since they can be printed right at your office.

Ideally, you’d have the ready-to-print option as well as have a print company print your one-sheets, so you have a more professional-looking document when you need to make a grander impression with that option but also have the convenience of a document that is easy to edit.

Bonus Tip: Reviews are vital for the success of your law firm. Have a one-sheet available with a QR code to remind your clients to leave feedback and allowing them to do so easily.


Mailers are a great way to connect to clients, especially in rural areas. A visually appealing and/or informative direct mail advertisement can inspire a potential client to head to your website. Remember, your print marketing materials should go hand in hand with your website design to have a cohesive branding image.

Common types of mailers: 

  • Postcards 
  • Flyers 
  • Brochures 
  • Letters

If you’re already investing in print media, you should consider the benefits of direct mailers. Just as a client would be inspired to contact your firm after seeing a billboard or paid ad, a mailer can have the same effect. Direct mail marketing is often cheaper than other advertising options, and also allows the client to have a tangible piece of marketing that can be saved until a need for your services arises.

Local Publications

Lastly, printing in a local publication is a great way to spread the word about your firm. Since publishers struggle with filling advertisement space, they often run specials for potential advertisers. You should always be on the lookout for these specials and consider developing a relationship with a local publisher. It’s a great way to stay ahead of competitors and stay connected with the potential clients directly in your community.

Final Thoughts

Yes, as legal marketing becomes increasingly competitive, a law firm can’t rely on just print materials. That said, print materials are a wonderful add-on to your campaign and are often budget-friendly.

No matter which option you choose, PaperStreet is here to help. We have a host of print options available for you to choose, and can incorporate your logo and any other key branding elements you choose to include. Get started today!

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