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How to Brand Your WordPress Login Page

Branding your WordPress login page is relatively easy and allows you to provide a more customized experience for the users of your website.

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WordPress Security Tips to Help Prevent your Website from Being Hacked

Every day hackers are trying to get into your WordPress site. At times theses hacks are out in the open, at other times you won’t know you have been hacked until it’s too late.

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How to Add a Custom Title to Any Bio in Total Control

Chris explains how to change the title of an attorney in Total Control. a popular content management system.

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Displaying Images in Search Results: Is It Possible?

As lead support developer at PaperStreet, I receive questions from clients all day long. I was recently asked to upload an image so that it appeared alongside the search results on Google. We hate telling clients that something isn’t possible,…

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How Do 301 Redirects of Domain Names Impact SEO Rankings?

I recently received a question from a client who just purchased a slew of new domain names with new TLD’s (top-level domain) and asked me to setup 301 redirects to his main site. His question to me after the redirects were…

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Scary Stories from PaperStreet

Weird things happen in the PaperStreet office … especially on Halloween. Check out these creepy stories, compiled from our staff members. Odd happenings in your office? Let us know in the comments. Happy Halloween!    Weird Happenings at PaperStreet “Late…

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