Why Your Law Firm Site Needs an SSL Certificate


What is an SSL?

A quick description of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is that it is a set of encryption keys used by your host server to encrypt your website traffic.

Why is an SSL Needed?

http vs https imageYour law firm website needs an SSL certificate to secure information that is submitted through your website, such as a contact form, credit card payments, and any other information you want to remain secure.

Do All Browsers Require an SSL?

Yes. Having an SSL certificate is a browser standard now.

Does Not Having an SSL Affect Rankings?

Google has stated in the past that an SSL secure site will have a rankings advantage over non-SSL secured sites in search results.

If Your Site Doesn’t Have an SSL Certificate, It May Get Blocked

One major issue that may occur if your website does not have an SSL certificate is that browsers and firewall programs may block users from seeing your site. This means that a new user to your law firm’s site may receive a warning from their browser that they are going to enter an unsecured site, and their information may not be secure. Naturally, you do not want that to happen.


Site not secure warning

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