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Managing Attorney Data in Your WordPress Website

At PaperStreet, we specialize in building websites for law firms, and our code does, too. Most every website we’ve produced over the last half decade was built with thoughtfully chosen law firm-focused content sections called custom post types. These areas…

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The World of Blogs

Understanding the Purpose of Blogs in Your SEO Campaign We understand that law firms and business owners seek a substantial return on investment relative to the amount of marketing dollars spent, and you want (and expect) the best from your…

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How to Tell Your Story to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

  These 10 Legal Firms Show You How to Tell Your Story So You Can Stand Out Branding is a buzzword that “suits” stay away from, right? Think again. Legal firms that invest in brand storytelling — which is the slightly elusive…

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Holiday Blogging Tips

The Holidays Are Here. Check Out These Tips to Keep Your Blog Thriving I know, I know. You’re probably sitting there reading this and saying to yourself, “really? I need to keep blogging during the holidays? Who’s going to read…

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Words Matter, but Keywords Matter More

Keywords: Connecting Clients to Your Content Content is still king in marketing. Through content, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority for your customers or clients, and it is the heart of your brand. Content is more than just…

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Writing Engaging Law Firm Practice Area Pages

Writer’s Blocks: Filling Your Practice Area Pages with Practical and Engaging Content What information should you include on the practice area pages of your law firm’s website? While the answer to this question may initially seem straightforward, putting fingers to…

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Anatomy of the Perfect Practice Area Page

Create the Ideal Practice Area Pages for Your Firm Practice area pages present a valuable opportunity to speak to your potential clients about what you do, why you do it, and how you can help them. A well-designed practice area…

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How to Create Impactful Visual Appeal for Your Content

We’ve all gone to websites looking to browse information and found ourselves drowning in sea of text. Having more than 700 words per page is highly recommended to optimize a site’s placement on search engines, and experts are now even suggesting that 1200+, or even…

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5 Strategies for Establishing Credibility Through Content

Credibility is king in the content marketing game, particularly in professional services industries, where “product differentiation” is somewhat more difficult to establish. For example, consider a prospective personal injury client who is looking to contact a qualified attorney to help…

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50+ Best Practice Area Pages for Law Firms – Get Creative!

Engage and Educate Potential Clients Your firm practice area pages are an excellent opportunity to connect with potential clients and to help them better understand the services you can provide. A well-designed practice area page can engage potential clients and…

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