Master Content File Audits: What Our Editor Looks For

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Details to Include in Your Master Content File

Your master content file is crucial to the web development process. This document houses all of your content/notes/information. It tells the developers what goes where so that they can add the content to your site correctly.

Often it takes time to fill every page and the review the content, but we are here to help. Every master content file is reviewed by our staff and checked for major things the developer needs, but may not be obvious.

To help you finalize your content and provide complete information we have included a list of things that we check once you send the document to us – keep these points in mind as you complete the document:


  • Does the master content file match the site structure exactly (page order)?
  • Is there content for every page of the website (or are there missing pages)?
  • Are links and developer notes highlighted?
  • Are pages separated with a page break?
  • Are the names of pages consistent throughout the MCF? (For example, a page called Commercial Litigation in the SS should not become Civil Litigation deeper down in the document)
  • Are URLs for any desired links placed in the document?
  • Does the text contain any duplicate content?
  • Do all the hyperlinks function properly and open to a working webpage?

Home Page

  • Are there enough blog posts to pull into the appropriate widgets?
  • Is there information for any pull out boxes (case studies, testimonials)
  • Are the URLs for social media links included?
  • If the home page features videos, is the URL available?

Attorney Bio Pages

  • Do the practice areas listed match the actual practice areas on the site structure?
  • Does each person have contact information?
  • Are they in the correct order (alpha, seniority)?
  • If there are tabs, do they meet the word count and number requirements set forth by design?
  • Where are the v-cards coming from? If development is creating them, leave a note.

Practice Areas

  • Are the related attorneys provided (this varies based on the design)?
  • Is all other designated information provided (industries, articles, representative transactions, if applicable)?
  • Is there a clearly distinguishable h1 and h2 (header 1, header 2) for each page?

Blog Posts

  • Is there an author, blog title and category for each post?
  • Please make a note about the desired publication date, if necessary/important
  • If posts are being pulled from another site, is the URL provided?


  • Is there disclaimer text?
  • If the text or certain pages will appear in other languages, has the translated content been provided?

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