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FAQs About Your Website Contact Page

The contact page is the appropriate place to list the main address, phone, email and fax number for the office. It is also the most common place for your contact form to live.

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How to Use Google Predictive Search to Brainstorm Blog Topic Ideas

When you open a new Google tab and start a search you might notice that your sentence auto-populates with suggestions. This is called predictive search and can be a valuable tool when brainstorming page topic ideas.

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The Most Popular Name for Law Firm Blog Platforms

We reviewed the last 100 law firm website launches at PaperStreet to determine the most popular main navigation name for legal blogs.

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What Does It Take to Produce an Award-Winning Law Firm Website?

From step 1 to done, we invite you to walk through the steps of creating an award-winning PaperStreet law firm website.

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Effective Methods for Promoting Your Law Firm Blog Posts

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to promote new content. The answer can be hairy, considering everyone has different goals. Yet, there are proven ways to gain exposure after you click, “post.”

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How Lawyers Can Take Advantage of Exclusive Web Content

As a lawyer you likely have some interesting cases. The stories of your lawsuits and experiences can be relevant to the general public if they are newsworthy, weird, or exclusive.

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An Interview with Our Content Team: Trends, Tips and Thoughts About Writing for the Web

Our content team discusses trends, tips and thoughts about writing for the web.

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What We’re Most Thankful for this Season

‘Tis the season to recognize all the positives in your life. The PaperStreet team kicked off the holiday season by sharing what they are most thankful for.

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Law Firm SEO Basics for Blogging Attorneys – 7 Tips to Get Top Search Engine Rankings for Your Legal Blog

Some of the best legal blogs out there are written by attorneys who are passionate about their profession. But often times, these same lawyers have no idea how to go about making these blog posts rank high on search engines like Google – a key factor in attracting new clients and business.

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