The Top 5 Sources for Blog Inspiration

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Writing about what you know or find interesting is always the best starting point when looking for law firm blogging inspiration, but eventually, you’ll hit a roadblock, and when that time comes, we’ve got you covered. 

PaperStreet generates more than 300 blog posts a month for lawyers worldwide. We blog on topics related to common injuries and manufacturer recalls, and provide commentary on legal happenings in government sectors. We are experts in sourcing topics that are relevant and trending, which are equally important when planning out your content creation. The material must be helpful to your audience and your marketing efforts. By understanding the topics being searched online, you can expand the reach of your writing.

There is no shortage of places on the Internet that can help generate ideas worth your writing time, but the five below are our favorites. Our lawyer content writing team uses these resources daily to help plan monthly writing objectives for attorneys and law firms of all sizes.

#1 Google’s “People Also Ask”

When you query a topic, Google search results often include a “People Also Ask” section. This feature provides insights into common questions related to your original topic. It helps you determine what others are searching for and can be a great inspiration for writing topics. 

PRO TIP: The PAA questions also make great content additions to your core practice pages as a dedicated FAQ section. It provides a nice SEO boost and aligns with user intent – double win!

#2 AlsoAsked.com

AlsoAsked.com visualizes the “People Also Ask” data, offering a unique way to explore related questions and topics. Lawyers can delve deeper into specific legal areas and identify nuanced issues that may spark intriguing blog post ideas.

PRO TIP: Take a screenshot of the related data and add it to your blog for a visual element (or make it into a social media graphic); just be sure to include a caption with the source link.

#3 AnswerThePublic.com

AnswerThePublic.com has been a favorite tool at PaperStreet for many years. The website generates visualizations of search query data, presenting common questions, prepositions, and related terms based on a chosen keyword. Lawyers can use this resource to uncover niche topics within their practice areas, ensuring their blog content addresses the specific interests and concerns of their target audience. We guarantee you’ll learn something when you review the data here (you may even have a laugh or two!)

PRO TIP: Be sure to take full advantage of the results by updating the filter from the United States to other countries. The data will change, and you’ll get double the inspiration.

#4 Quora.com

Quora is a treasure trove of questions and discussions on a wide range of topics, including law and legal matters. Lawyers can browse relevant topics and threads to discover common queries and pain points, using them to inspire blog posts that offer valuable insights and solutions. In recent months, we’ve noticed Quora and Reddit results showing in a special preview on Google search results pages, which further emphasizes the power of this question/answer website.

PRO TIP: Make an account for your law firm and answer some of the questions on the platform. If you’re blogging about the answer, dropping a reply in a relevant thread for extra exposure for your law firm will be easy.

#5 Google Search Console

Previously named “Google Webmaster Tools,” your Google Search Console is often insightful when planning content for your website. By analyzing the search queries that drive traffic to your website, you gain an understanding of the needs of your website visitors. These analytics identify popular search terms and trending topics, which can inform your content strategy and guide the creation of blog posts that resonate with your target demographic.

PRO TIP: You can do this for your competitor websites as well: Google Search Console > “Search Traffic” > “Search Analytics” >  type in the domain of your competitor.

From Inspiration to Actualization

Once you start looking for blog topic ideas, you’ll find them all around you. Keep these resources handy for the moments when you’re uninspired (or unmotivated) to write. If the burden of keeping your law firm website up-to-date becomes too much, PaperStreet can help. We have a team of all attorney-writers who can draft and post blog posts for your review each month. Contact our legal writing team today to learn more about our law firm blogging options. 

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