Best Website Designs for Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

Estate planning attorneys and probate lawyers work in specialized fields that are in high demand. When family members are planning their estate or dealing with the death of a loved one, they are seeking the most competent counsel they can find. In today’s competitive legal market, you need a stand-out website and optimized content to help you draw traffic to your site and convert visitors to clients.

At PaperStreet Web Design, we design websites for estate planning law firms that want a custom-designed site and showcase the firm’s experience and approach. We also employ top digital marketing techniques to attract clients and increase your conversions. Our 12 best websites for estate planning and probate firms, listed below, demonstrate what we can accomplish for you.

How We Help Estate Planning Lawyers

PaperStreet helps estate planning and probate law firms create best-in-class websites that catch the eye of visitors, draws them in, and convinces them that this is the right firm for their needs. At PaperStreet, we understand marketing, we understand the legal field, and we know what drives internet consumers to make decisions.  Below, our website designs for estate planning law firms can serve as an inspiration for your next site. Contact PaperStreet today to learn how we can create an amazing site for your firm.

Portfolio of Best Estate Planning and Probate Law Firms

Marketing Guide for Estate Planning Attorneys

Though we could certainly create an entire digital marketing guide for estate planning and probate law firms, there are a few tips that are likely to be the most instrumental to your marketing campaign:

1. Estate planning content MUST be as easy to understand as it is informative.

Marketing for estate planning lawyers is actually a bit trickier than for other law firms. You’re competing with every “DIY” estate planning website out there. More and more people think that matters such as wills and guardianship paperwork can be completed with an easy online form.

As an estate planning attorney, you need to be able to convince potential clients that your law firm is a better option than an easy form. Thus, a great deal of your digital marketing needs to be aimed at showing your estate planning expertise.

Though that may seem easy at first glance, highlighting your law firm’s talents and wide practice areas could often be presented in a way that doesn’t appeal to potential clients. Your marketing needs to emphasize:

A. HOW your estate planning law firm can help potential clients and B. WHY a potential law firm should choose you.

In order to do this, your law firm may need more content than other attorneys. You need to break down more complicated topics into shorter topics that connect one to other relevant pages on the side. Thus, the content isn’t all presented on one, long confusing page.

Unfortunately, longer content tends to rank better than shorter pages. With that in mind, you need an editor who is skilled at search engine optimization (SEO) in order to overcome some SEO hurdles. Your writers will also need the guidance to know to cover frequently asked questions and other long-tail search topics.

2. Your marketing must be aimed at various demographics.

Unlike many other practice areas that are circumstantial, estate planning could apply to a wide variety of individuals at any moment in their life. Young parents require estate planning to provide for their children. Senior citizens may need advanced directives. Trusts could be helpful to anyone looking to better manage their money.

As such, no one piece of content or marketing technique will apply to everyone. Younger generations may be reached with social media marketing. Past clients may need to be reminded of your services by way of email marketing. Your blogs will need to cover all age groups.

Because estate planning law firms would benefit most with a comprehensive marketing campaign, it’s best to consult with an agency who can track and manage the progress of your campaigns. WIth proper data, you can see which demographics are bringing in the biggest ROI and which may need an extra push.

3. Explanatory material should be available in multimedia formats.

This estate planning marketing tip takes into account #1 and #2. In short, the best estate planning lawyer websites have unique and helpful presentations of materials. As you’re targeting a wide audience, there is no guarantee that one format will work better than others.

Perhaps your older audiences would prefer a YouTube channel with informative videos or even just a brochure to save. Maybe young parents would listen to a podcast while on their way to work. Link building efforts and social media could benefit with an infographic.

Here again, a comprehensive marketing firm will not only be able to analyze your needs but will also be able to implement these techniques. Agencies like PaperStreet work with your budget to create high impact marketing options that you’ll be proud to showcase.

Services We Provide for Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

At PaperStreet, we design websites that work as effective marketing tools for law firms. We create the visual layout, design, images and written content that demonstrate your firm’s capabilities and unique selling points. With affordably priced service packages, we also custom-tailor our services to each firm. PaperStreet helps estate planning and probate lawyers and law firms of all sizes show their best face to the digital world.

Why Choose Us for your Estate Planning Law Firms Website & Digital Marketing

An industry leader in legal marketing since 2001, PaperStreet designs websites that compete successfully with other firms in the same niche. Founded by an attorney and staffed by writers and managers who are former practicing lawyers, we understand the unique demands of legal marketing. In addition, we can help your firm with other marketing efforts to enhance your visibility and reputation, including blogging, social media, newsletters, logos, brochures and more.

To learn how PaperStreet can help you with your estate law firm’s legal marketing needs, contact us at 954-523-2181.

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