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Not all Hosting is the Same

Secure. Reliable. Fast. Efficient with PaperStreet.


Law Firm Website Hosting, Done Right

Your website is going to have many components, including:

  1. Domain: This is the unique web address of your law firm.
  2. Name Servers & DNS: These are the records that point your website and email traffic to various web servers.
  3. Website: This is the code, text, database, and files for your website.
  4. Web Hosting: This is where your files are stored and secured for access.

Of all the components of a website, hosting is one of the most important aspects of maintaining an online presence. The host is where you will be storing your website files and database so that it can be viewed online. You can think of it as renting a digital home for your website files, which can include its pages, content, and images. Not only that, the web host is what delivers your website to a user when they type in the URL in a browser. But web hosting goes far beyond that.

You need a host that can cache your site, manage your SSL, auto-backup, run security audits, manage DDOS attacks, and make your site load fast and secure.

You need a web host that can also handle odd plugin crashes and the demands of a fast-paced law firm, including same-hour updates, PHP updates, SSL fixes, DDOS prevention, bot checks, security audits, and more.

Why is Law Firm Hosting Important?

Hosting is important for speed and security. You want a fast website with 99.99% uptime. You also want a secure website so that your information is safe and your website functions as it should.


What to Look for in a Law Firm Web Host?

You need a web host that will help with support -- not just in keeping the server running, but helping you update WordPress core and its plugins. You need a host that you can ask questions, make content changes, and take the burden off your law firm's day-to-day activities. You want a host that is easy to reach, available, and can promptly make updates.

Staging! You Want Staging.

This is not a question but a requirement. If you have a big update you want to make on your website, staging it is very important. It creates a copy of your website in a test environment that will not affect your existing site at all. You must get a website that has staging as part of the plan. Whenever your site is getting updated, you should want to stage and test the site first. This helps to catch and remediate any issues before it goes online. A staging server will allow you to edit the site and then go live with a few clicks.


Best Law Firm Web Hosts

We host almost 1,000 law firm websites. A vast majority of our websites are with our partner, WPEngine. We have enterprise level accounts with them with advanced CDN, SSL, security audits, caching, and other features that your law firm needs. Yes, good hosting costs more. But it will save you a massive amount of time in support. Most importantly, it will save you headaches. If you do not wish to host with our team and WPEngine, then we would recommend LiquidWeb's managed WP hosting or Cloud Sites. We recommend staying away from discount hosts, as your site will be slower and have more issues in the long run.

Is it Easy to Migrate a Law Firm Website to a New Web Host?

All of our websites are built with WordPress. It is highly customizable and user-friendly. So, if the site is built in Wordpress, then yes. Typically, we can migrate a site in a few hours of work from start to finish. Now, some WP sites must be upgraded before migrating. We would need to update to the latest version of WordPress, the latest plugins, and the latest PHP version. That can all be part of the migration process, which we take care of for your law firm.

Why Law Firms Host with PaperStreet

We host a variety of law firm websites, from solos to AMLaw 100. There are hundreds of discount hosts available, and we have tried them all. We get it; they are cheap. It may seem like a good deal, but they have all regularly failed to meet our clients’ needs.

There are hidden costs that are not included in discount hosting prices, such as upgrades, security, training, assistance, and the headaches of managing your platform. Sometimes a site loads slower as they overprovision their servers. Sometimes, a site gets hacked because of a lack of proactive upgrades. Sometimes, DNS records drop, causing a site to crash. But ultimately, something happened that wasted massive amounts of time and money for our clients. Instead, we decided to build a platform that has no headaches and offers a better level of support. PaperStreet is your best choice because we save you money, time, and headaches.

Law Firm Hosting with a Better Provider

We decided we could do it better. We decided to build our own high-end platform with fewer headaches.

We want our clients to have a single point of contact, a flat rate support plan, knowledgeable staff that solves issues in real-time, overall 99.99% reliability with a high-speed network, SSL installs, content delivery networks (CDN), staging, SendGrid, built-in Cloudflare security, advanced caching, daily backups, and the latest technology.

Save Money - Flat Rate Support with No Extra Costs

Our hosting is flat rate and includes support. You will save money as proactive updates are included to ensure security, speed, and reliability. Discount hosts will not help with platform updates, training, and plugin research. You pay extra for that and end up spending more for support on a yearly basis. You can relax and focus on your business, knowing PaperStreet has you covered.

Save Time - A Single Phone Call with No Phone Queues

If there is ever an issue, you can call us directly for a fast resolution. You do not have to wait 20 minutes to talk to an offshore support rep who may not be able to help directly. We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem, even on an emergency basis. We also help with all training, plugin research, and debugging. Again, those are services that are not offered by discount host providers.

Save Headaches - 99.99% Reliability, Backups, Staging, SSL, Caching, & Security

Our hosting platform has 99.99% uptime, which means that your website is only down for a few minutes per month for routine server maintenance. We also back up your website every day in case of an issue. Our server centers offer SSLs, CDNs, Cloudflare DDoS prevention and security, advanced caching, daily security scans, and more. Additionally, we offer staging servers for larger updates. We keep everything running, secure, and up-to-date so that you can concentrate on your business and not hosting.

What We Included in Our Support Platform

Our plan is not just hosting. Yes, while our plan includes hosting, we do much more:

  1. Training on Wordpress: We provide website seminars, publish material regularly to answer popular questions, and are always available to show you how to make an update.
  2. Proactive Upgrades of WordPress: WordPress itself and WordPress plugins need to be updated on a regular basis. Our team proactively installs the latest versions of the software.
  3. No Headaches: We ensure you focus on practicing law, not tracking down why a site is offline. We also help with all the hosting acronyms, including DNS, SSL, FTP, SSH, HOST A, Nameservers, and more.
  4. Speed: We feel the need for speed. WordPress installs run fast on our platform powered by Google. Our Cloudflare caching technology and CDN speed up file delivery. With certain hosting companies, you can encounter slow sites. With us, the sites simply load fast and have 99.999% uptime.
  5. Security: We keep your site safe. We limit disk write capabilities and have disallowed plugin lists, password security requirements, and encrypted data, as well as limit brute-force login attempts, block spambots, automatic updates, and secure backups.
  6. Upgrades to WP and Plugins: You need to upgrade WordPress at least monthly and backup first. Sometimes, upgrades lead to errors that need resolution. We do this all for you, saving you time.
  7. Staging: We can stage your website changes for review and then push them live, which helps test code before it goes live and saves time in development.
  8. SSL for Free: Keeping your site secure is key to a good web presence. Free SSL is included with your website launch. No ongoing fees for any WordPress SSL.*
  9. Experience: We are more than just a web host. We have developed over 500 true custom websites (not just using ThemeForest templates), and we know how to resolve any WP code issue.
  10. Recommendations: We make good recommendations for plugin use. Need a new tool? We can help find a plugin to meet your needs.
  11. Monitoring: We keep the site stable. We monitor your website for downtime and errors. We have auto-provisioning if our Google servers ever fail.
  12. CDN for Free: This speeds up your website. Content Delivery Network is included for Free.
  13. Page Performance Tips: Is your site acting slow? We have tools to help with performance.
  14. Disallowed Plugins: We have a list of disallowed plugins that can harm your website or impact speed. We also make a list of best-practice plugins for your website.
  15. Backups: Errors can happen. We have separate daily backup files for all clients in case of emergencies. We can restore files back many weeks in case of errors.
  16. 24/7 Support: Call us anytime. Unlike hosts that only offer chat or email, we are available via phone.
  17. FreeMalware Cleanup: If your site is ever hacked, we will clean it for free. That’s equal to a $500+ insurance policy.
  18. Sendgrid Free: We offer free form delivery at a 99.99% delivery with logging ($89 value per month).
  19. Gravity Forms Elite License: Gravity Forms Elite License ($260 value per year).
  20. Daily security monitoring: We receive daily alerts to ensure we prevent issues before they happen.

About Website Maintenance

Some quick facts about our website support:

  • We have been maintaining websites for more than 20 years.
  • We have always provided same business-day updates. Clients often remark on how fast we work for them.
  • We pride ourselves on making sure our clients' sites, once online, stay online and up to date.
  • We can help with simple edits, complex additions, or complete redesigns of websites.
  • We offer hosting, email, assistance with domain names, and website reporting features that help you track traffic and statistics.
  • Our maintenance work is done at an hourly rate, prorated for only the time we actually spend working on your site. You don't waste money for time not spent on your website.
  • Finally, we make sure our edits are done right the first time. We save you time and money because of our experience and passion for same-day service.

Key Benefits

  • Same-Day Updates, You Never Wait
    Don't wait days or weeks. We do same business-day edits.
  • 100% Right, So You Can Focus on Your Business
    We know your time is valuable. That's why we make edits right 100% of the time.
  • Support When You Need It
    We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem on the same day.

Fast, Accurate Service Solves Your Problems

We're There for You in an Emergency

  • One of our clients called our emergency line at 2 a.m., panicked that his website was down. He had chosen to host his website with a different company, and that host had crashed. Although the problem was not ours to fix, we researched the issue immediately and advised him on how to contact his host, getting the site back up and running.
  • One of our clients called in and told us that they had sent out a newsletter to a mailing list of about 500 people with the wrong URL written on it. We immediately wrote a redirect for it so that the URL in their newsletter worked.

We Provide Fast, Efficient Solutions

  • A UK-based law firm needed to change its address everywhere on its website. This was immediately assigned, and all changes were made that day.
  • An IT company working for a West Coast law firm contacted us regarding DNS record changes that affected their email and needed to be made that Friday. A developer stayed late to make sure the change was made.
  • A client started receiving lots of automated spam through their contact form and forwarded us an example. We upgraded their e-mail script using our latest spam protections, which stopped the flood of junk mail.
  • A client wanted to create an online job application page with a noticeable link to it on the home page. The application form would e-mail different people, depending on the location chosen. The design team created an icon for the home page, and the developer used existing site elements to create a nice form that matched the site. The new page and form were created within 5 business days and launched the next week after some revisions.


1. What is dedicated hosting?

PaperStreet's hosting is always dedicated, meaning that the server your website will be on is not being used by anyone except us. Dedicated hosting is the preferred way to maintain websites due to better privacy and control. The dedicated server allows PaperStreet to manage the server to ensure your website is running as optimally as possible.

2. What is a domain name?

A domain name is arguably one of the most important aspects of your website. It is the URL that you type in to reach your website, such as No two domain names are the same, and therefore, it is important to make it memorable or simple, as this is what any visitor would need to type in to visit your website.

3. What security features should you look for in a web host?

  1. SSL Encryption: This ensures all your data can't be accessed by malicious users.
  2. Backups: Daily backups ensure that your website is easily recoverable if anything ever goes wrong.
  3. DDoS Protection: A type of cyber attack that can bring down servers through massive increases in fake traffic. Having a server that can help mitigate these attacks can help to prevent disruptions to your website.
  4. Website Monitoring: It is important to have a host monitor your website for potential security vulnerabilities or issues so that you can promptly resolve any that may arise.

4. What is managed vs unmanaged web hosting?

Here at PaperStreet, we offer managed hosting. We take care of complicated issues and updates to ensure your website is running smoothly so you can focus on what is important to you.

An unmanaged host is usually for more experienced users since it does not come with technical support. These plans tend to be cheaper than managed ones, but they also leave you to handle anything with the server.

5. What is uptime, and why is it important?

Uptime is the term used to describe the amount of time that the server and its websites are online. It measures how reliable and stable the server is.

6. Does web hosting affect SEO?

Yes! Site speed is a known measure taken into account by search algorithms. You need to have minimum scores (or max scores) on time to load, LCP, FCP, TTFB, and a whole slew of acronyms. A website with fast loading times is much less likely to have a visitor leave immediately. Get a good web host to help with this.


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Features of Web Hosting

Support Available 24/7

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Nightly Backup

No worries about losing important data or information.

99.99% Reliability

Many hosting services offer 99% reliability, but that equates to almost four days a year. We deliver 99.99% reliability. Accept nothing less.


Dynamic menus, news flashes, CSS styles, printer friendly pages, vCards, calendars, W3C compliance, search reports and more.

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