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Content Management for Law Firms

We believe you should be able to manage your own website anytime, anywhere, instantly, and with minimal effort. At PaperStreet we build our websites in WordPress, the leading content management system, which gives you the power to control how your content looks, where it goes, and how it’s organized. 

You can upload new articles, create new pages, and delete old pages with ease. Did a new attorney join the firm? No problem. You can easily add the narrative, sidebar text, position, phone number, and headshot. Do you need to tweak a header on a practice page? Easy peasy. In less than five minutes you can make this update. These are some common examples of how our lawyers use WordPress to streamline their marketing departments, but the platform is capable of so much more:

  • You can customize an unlimited amount of content, attorney bios, practice areas, offices, articles, seminars, news, languages and more. 
  • You can upload PDF, JPG, GIF, Word, and a variety of other files through our easy-to-use online tool. 
  • You can create any number of links to other sites.
  • You can edit the formatting of pages to include H2s, H3s, bullet points and pull quotes. 
  • You can change the order of the pages. 
  • You can edit your drop down menus (both the names and the order of them).

We set up everything and then let you take control of the site. Of course, we are always available for assistance. We provide you with password control, security, and nightly backup to the PaperStreet servers.

Key Benefits 

  1. Complete Control of Your Website

    Your internal team has control of your website content without having to go through a middleman or submit a service ticket.
  2. Instant Updates by YOU!

    Update your website from anywhere in the world instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upload new text, create new pages, and delete old pages with ease.
  3. Support Available in Case you Need Help

    We set up everything and then let you take control of the site. Of course, we are always available for assistance and updates.

Cut Work in Half with Our Law Firm CMS

Archer & Greiner

Archer & Greiner


Archer & Greiner, a full-service New Jersey firm with 200+ attorneys and 200+ paralegals.


The firm struggled to manage massive amounts of internal and external data because of a system that required information be entered twice - once on the public website and once on the firm Intranet.


PaperStreet created a custom platform to seamlessly update both systems in one step.


Ineffective systems invariably cost much more to maintain than they do to fix. Effective solutions save time, money and headaches.

Features of Total Control Content Management System

Easy to Use

Manage your own site anytime, anywhere, instantly. It's foolproof, easy to update and easy to use. Add a page and select a category. Poof! The page is instantly added to all the appropriate menus.

Custom Modules

You can customize an unlimited amount of content, attorney, practice, offices, articles, seminars, news, languages and more.

Back-Up & Security

Password control, security and nightly backup to the PaperStreet servers.

Search Engine Friendly

Create meta data and simple URLs so search engines can easily find your website.

Standard Features

Picture and document uploader, print pages, sitemaps, error pages, contact us, search, Google Maps, Google Analytics, nightly backups and cross browser support to name a few.

Web Hosting

Not all web hosting companies are the same. Our web hosting is cost effective and reliable.


We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem the same day. We often surprise our own clients with our speed.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

  1. 1

    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

  2. 2

    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

  3. 3

    Free Education

    We provide knowledge to help you expand

  4. 4

    No Hidden Charges

    We quote flat-rate projects

  5. 5

    Own Your Site

    No strings attached

  6. 6

    Create Results

    SEO, PPC, Content + Design = Clients

  7. 7

    We Make Life Easier

    One agency for Web, Branding and Marketing

  8. Contact Us

"PaperStreet Web Design’s efforts have increased conversions and the number of visitors to the platform substantially. The team has worked fastidiously to deliver satisfying products quickly. They have been accessible and encouraged innovative platform improvements, supporting continued partnership."

- John Hopkins
Marketing Director, Searcy Law