Family Lawyer Marketing Guide

Marketing divorce and family law firm is more nuanced than simple SEO and PPC techniques. The emotions attached to these claims need to be kept in mind, and you shouldn't market your services the way a business law firm or estate planning law firm would. Here is a brief marketing guide for family attorneys:

1. Construct a unique and appealing design. 

The last thing a person going through a divorce wants is a cold, uncaring family lawyer. A potential client going through the most contentious of divorces or fighting for custody wants to know that they won't just be 'billable hours' to you.

Whether you want a design that's unique and creative or one want that evokes a nurturing feel, pick a tone for your site that isn't a run of the mill site. Standing out in whatever way you can is a great way to reach your clients.

2. Create and update a blog that speaks to clients undergoing family law conflicts and struggles. 

No law firm should have a blog that just summarizes laws and claims. Family lawyers have a greater pressure to keep their blogs grounded in real-world issues -- both legal and non-legal.

Research shows that many couples take months or even years to finally file for divorce. Make sure your blog answers questions that these potential divorcees have in mind: property division, financial concerns, spousal support, etc. 

Additionally, many potential family law clients are struggling with custody, co-parenting and other parental concerns. Provide advice for parents whether it's of a legal nature or events in the community that could offer grief support or simply fun, family activities. 

3. Embrace (and update!) social media.

Similar to #2, divorce and family law matters tug at the heartstrings. Social media is often an outlet for parents , and creating a social marketing campaign that speaks to parents will be an appreciated marketing effort. Other groups such as divorcing retirees and same-sex couples would also appreciate resources to help them cope.

The trick, however, is NOT to rely on your blog posts. Yes, sharing the blogs your family law firm creates is a great marketing technique, but social media needs cultivation. Share news stories, infographics, videos and more. More is often better for social media, so a post every week isn't enough. 

There are, of course, dozens of other digital marketing tactics that would complete this brief family lawyer marketing guide. Striving for an engaging and humanized marketing campaign, however, should be the overarching goal. Of course, PaperStreet is here to help with all of the marketing tactics your attorneys wish to pursue. 

Comprehensive Marketing Services for Family Lawyers

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