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Social Media for Law Firms

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Attract Clients with Social Media for Lawyers

With 20+ years working with attorneys on their digital marketing campaigns, PaperStreet has seen the evolution of social media for law firms. Though once seen as frivolous, social media is now a key player in profitable attorney marketing campaigns.

Social media helps your business establish credibility, increase brand awareness, website traffic, search visibility, and provides an opportunity to engage with current and potential clients. When used correctly, it can also be a strong signal to Google that you have authority in your industry.

Whether you want us to simply set up your accounts or take full control of your law firm’s social media platforms, PaperStreet is here to help. We offer 3 social media options to help you stay on budget while increasing your law firm’s visibility, traffic and potential client base. Our platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business,
  • Twitter
  • Your Additional Needs: YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Since we’re a comprehensive legal marketing team, PaperStreet can help you strategize a campaign that would best fit for your law firm’s social media goals. We are happy to discuss your options with you and create a strategy based on your firm’s interests and goals.

Why Law Firms Need Social Media Campaigns

No doubt social media is hot. But how much of it is hype is connected to the success of my law firm? Do lawyers really need social media to promote their law firm?

Law firms not only attract followers and potential clients on social media, but active social media engagement acts as a vote in the firm's favor - a vote that search engines can factor into website rankings and referrals, resulting in even more clients. Lastly, there is reason to believe that social media performance and an increase in traffic to your site can both assist with your SEO campaign.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to commence or invigorate an attorney social media campaign is that your competitors are jumping on the bandwagon.

More and more law firms and attorneys are using social media. Consider these facts:

  • 93%* of lawyers say they use social media.
  • 85%* say that social media is part of their overall marketing strategy.
Lawyers who use social media

Don’t be left behind, call us today to reach your clients where and when they like to engage.

*Results from the “Attorney at Work 2018 Social Media Marketing Survey”

Case Studies

Thorn Tax Law
Law Firm with Multiple Office Locations Grows on Social

Thorn Tax Law, a tax law firm headquartered in Washington D.C. with several other office locations throughout the Northeast.


The firm has multiple office locations, making steady growth on social media challenging.


PaperStreet created a plan for regular posting to main accounts to help establish authority on main social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). The plan minimized managing time, making it easier to manage multiple accounts.


Firms with multiple offices can grow a following and maintain social accounts for each office if a proper plan is in place.

Mithras Investments
Investment Firm Keeps Social Media Relevant with HootSuite Integration

Mithras Investments is a business research, analysis and consulting firm serving global companies in multiple industries.


To keep all four social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) up-to-date on a weekly basis.


We researched relevant newsworthy content on the web and wrote social posts in bulk for the month. We then scheduled them through HootSuite to post throughout the following month. Creating posts in advance helped to save time and make the posting process more efficient overall.


Posting to social media does not need to be a daunting task. Utilize the right tools and keep your accounts up-to-date to increase your efforts with SEO and brand awareness.

The Best Practices for Law Firm Social Media Campaigns

Social media is an important marketing tool in that your posts can be catered to directly serve potential clients. Below are several tactics to employ when stylizing your campaign:

Curiosity: Hook your audience at the beginning and create curiosity about the content ... they will keep watching.

Engage: Throughout the campaign, utilize visual and emotional tools to keep attention.

Share: Make sure your audience can engage with your content & better yet, make it shareable.

Plan: Prepare and write your posts or video scripts to make sure you are communicating your message in a concise, upbeat, and interesting way.

Inform: Remember to keep existing and potential clients in the know about your law firm -- whether it be attorney bios, office hours and closings, community service, etc.

Connect:The viewer should feel you solved their problem or learned something new after watching.

PaperStreet’s Expertise in Social Media for Lawyers

Our team of internet marketing experts is here to create your Social Media profile and manage your Social Media brand with a focused message that increases your exposure and connects with clients. We work with you to:

  1. Create Engaging Profiles
    consistent with your existing branding
  2. Engage With Existing Clients
    to increase referral opportunities
  3. Build Your Network
    with organic connections
  4. Extend Your Online Reach
    by sharing your story and writing meaningful content

Though the options vary slightly between our Essentials and Full Service plans, when you sign up for our services, we do the following: Setting up some of your Social Media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and creating engaging profiles.

  • Setting up some of your Social Media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and creating engaging profile
  • Managing all your Social Media accounts, including posting several times a week on your behalf at optimal times, incorporating relevant trending hashtags and creating unique, compelling content that drives likes and thumbs up;
  • Integrating Social Media icons on your website and blog;
  • Communicating in approved messages with your comments and other engagements
  • Notifying you of potential client communications within 24 hours;
  • Offering options for social media ads, if desired
  • Providing you with monthly analytics to identify high performing posts and content; and
  • Adhere to all Professional Guidelines to ensure that your campaign is ethical and in compliance with your relevant State Bar.

Case Studies

Thorn Tax Law
Why Use a TV Ad When You Have Social Media?

Cross and Smith, a small Alabama personal injury law firm with 2 office locations.


Seeking to avoid television advertisements, the firm sought to create local brand awareness to stand out in a crowded and competitive personal injury market.


The firm’s social media was able to kick off a nearly 2000% increase in engagement along with benefits such as 5,000 video views in 30 days.

Mithras Investments
Increase Traffic to a New Website Using Social Media

Hudson Injury Firm, a newly created personal injury practice in Georgia


Alerting past clients of a new practice and office and also increasing the potential client base.


In addition to an increase in traffic, the firm received 27 phone calls from potential customers in just 30 days of a social media campaign.

FAQs About Social Media for Lawyers

Should my law firm participate in social media?

Yes, but the key word is 'participate'. Setting up a profile without updating it will not be beneficial. Social Media boils down to a simple word: engagement. Your firm needs to engage users through posts and tweets and just as importantly, needs to engage in comments, re-tweets; etc. These are all excellent signals to Google that you are diversifying your marketing and allowing others to interact with your social media networks. Whether you choose for us to manage your activity or you choose to do it yourself, frequency and responsiveness are key.

Do you recommend using an auto-posting tool or posting manually?

A combination of the two. Auto-posting tools, like HootSuite or IFTTT, are excellent time-savers but have been known to malfunction on occasion. It is best to periodically monitor your pages if using these tools to auto-post your blogs. Social media is also all about engagement and being, well, social. Therefore, you need to not only post to your pages, but also comment, like, and participate in discussions happening on each network. An auto-posting tool cannot accomplish this engagement for you. Our recommendation is to use a tool to schedule posts in advance, while periodically managing your pages manually.

What objectives should we strive for in our campaign?

Make sure your brand is everywhere! Search engines increasingly use social media indicators in their ranking algorithms. More importantly, potential clients will research your law firm online. Do you have a positive social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and other networks?

Meet & Connect with More People

Connect with potential clients on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Build authority as you build a following. The main goal of attorney social media is networking. You can build a following on the networks and communicate with potential clients.

Gather Information about Your Company

Get to know what people are saying about your business, practice or attorneys. Improve your customer service. With social media consulting and management you can gain competitive intelligence about your customers and competitors.

What is needed for law firm social media content?

We recommend following the 80/20 rule:

  • 20% of your posts should be directly related to the firm (think your blog posts or anything promotional)
  • 80% should be non-promotional, valuable information. Examples include: blog posts, news articles related to your industry, photos from company events, announcements such as a new employee, company videos, reshare a post you're mentioned in, pose a question, etc.

When you choose us for your law firm social media campaign, we manage your posts and create the content. If not, however, PaperStreet provides coaching and training options, and our SEO team can also assist with some elements of your social media campaign.

Do you have any additional resources for us?

You can find our articles on social media in our education center.

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