At PaperStreet, we place a high value on the creative process and originality of the content we produce, which includes original text written by men and women who have studied law. While we recognize the benefits and advancements of AI technology such as ChatGPT, we believe they should be used as tools to assist our team of writers, and not as a replacement for them.

As industry leaders in law firm marketing, we will continue to explore leveraging AI tools to improve our work processes. However, as a company that is proud of its content writing, we require our team to produce original and authentic work that is free from any form of AI-generated content. AI-generated content refers to any content in the form of core content (practice area pages, for example), blogs, press releases, social media posts, and/or professional biographies, that is generated, greatly manipulated, or produced by any artificial intelligence system.

We insist on the creativity, expertise, and originality of our writing to provide our clients with the highest quality and most original content possible to help them achieve their marketing goals.

About Our Writers

At PaperStreet we pride ourselves on generating more than 300 pieces of content for lawyers across the country every month. Our content is written by attorney-writers. Every writer who works on content for our clients has a JD. Many of them are retired attorneys. Some are attorneys who practiced for a part of their lives and stepped away to pursue family or other priorities. Some are like our founder, Pete Boyd – a trained attorney who later thought he could do something else with his life using his law degree.

Our AI-Content Policy

Each of our writers is required to sign our AI-Content policy, which prohibits them from submitting, producing, or using any AI-generated content in connection with their work for PaperStreet.

Our Editing Process

The most reliable method for ensuring quality content is the editing process. PaperStreet has a three-person team of editors, all with advanced experience in communications and journalism. Our Blog Manager is also a former attorney. As part of our review process, our editors spot check content in various AI content detector tools, including GPTZero, a paid platform. We also utilize CopyScape, a paid plagiarism checker, which is used randomly to ensure the originality of content.

Reliability of AI-Content Detectors

PaperStreet has found through various testing that AI-content detector tools can vary in their accuracy. While we maintain a paid subscription to GPTZero, which is considered an industry leader in this technology, we do often receive mixed results when evaluating legal content.

In our testing, we have found that legal content is particularly susceptible to inconsistent results. In June 2024 we tested the original writing of a blog post about the validity of AI-content checkers (non-legal content). On the same day, we tested the original writing of a standard personal injury practice page (legal content). Using the same four platforms to test, we received mixed results.

We aim to be 100% transparent in our testing process. The videos below detail and show the original writing process, as well as the testing process and serve as an example regarding how legal content can result in misleading readings using the currently available AI-content detectors.


Want to fast forward to the results? It starts at 3:19. We provided the recording of the writing process for 100% transparency and proof that the material was in-fact human-generated.

AI-CONTENT WRITING TEST: Legal Practice Area Page

Want to fast forward to the results? It starts at 3:57. We provided the recording of the writing process for 100% transparency and proof that the material was in-fact human-generated.

Identifying AI-Content

PaperStreet uses a variety of tools, as noted above, to help identify the existence of AI content. However, we believe the most reliable method is human editors. Every writer has crutches – little signatures they leave in their adjective choices, sentence structures, and introductory clauses. Our editorial team knows these signatures and understands the absence of them could indicate a potential issue. There are also commonalities within AI-generated content. For example, the bullet structure is always the same. With human editors, in conjunction with our testing tools, we can be aware of these commonalities and use them to identify any red flags.

Our Commitment to Originality

We are a web design agency. One of our most valued principles is our creativity and originality. It is why we are trusted to brand more than 50 law firms every year – it’s what makes us unique. We have no intention or desire to replace our originality with AI-generated material. We are committed to staying aware of new technologies, and learning the most effective ways to keep AI content out of law firms’ websites, but no one at PaperStreet wishes to be replaced by these tools. We’re creatives at heart and will always value what is unique and original.

Addressing AI-Content Concerns

If you have questions about our AI Content Statement, or have concerns about the use of AI at PaperStreet we invite you to email our Content Director directly at

Published: 7/3/2024

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