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How to Use the Theory of Thirds for Your Design Project

First recorded in 1797, the rule of thirds is a visual guide that many artists in many different fields employ. It’s been used in film, designs, paintings, and more. This technique is known to enhance visual interest, with tension and…

Creating Epic Hero Images for Law Firm Websites

Stand out from the pack (literally) and make a creative photography choice for your homepage. Instead of using the default gavel or courthouse steps pick an image that speaks to your brand.  Learn how to cut and trim a layer…

How to End up With Amazing Bio Photos That Enhance Your Site

Nothing makes a site more eye-catching, award-winning, and conversion-worthy than pristine photos of you and your team.  Sites like and utilize striking custom imagery that immediately draws the viewer in and complements the site design, but the homepage isn’t all that matters.  If you want a cutting-edge website, we highly recommend making your attorney bios the star of the show by incorporating professional photos.