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David portrait3 Website Errors You Can Fix Yourself

In this blog post, we will touch upon some technical issues you might encounter with your website and how you can help remedy the situation. Website Mistake #1: Not Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console Although some may not…

Conversion Rate Optimization for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 2: Bounce Rates, Tracking, and ROI)

Now that you have an understanding of why conversion rate optimization is important, and how to improve SEO and design to achieve it, we will go into the next steps: analysis, tracking, and estimating your ROI. These elements of CRO…

Conversion Rate Optimization for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide (Part 1: The Basics, Design, & SEO)

Successful conversion rate optimization leads to a sustainable increase in leads who decide to convert into customers. This happens by improving the pathways to your calls to action, driving more people to your website, and making your services seem more…

Andrew portraitChatbot For Law Firms

Since the start of modern digital marketing, having live chat functionality on websites has been highly appealing to law firms that are concerned with conversions and adding a personal touch to collecting leads from their website.  There are currently two popular options for live chat.  Here, at PaperStreet, we use many of these tools on our websites, but unfortunately, they have major caveats.

Gui portraitYour site is caching! Why? What can you do about it?

When you are actively making changes to a website, there is a great chance that once you save the changes you made and reload your site, you won’t see them take effect. That’s because your browser is displaying the latest version it saved of your site and it doesn’t include the changes you just made. When that happens, you need to clear your cache.