How to End up With Amazing Bio Photos That Enhance Your Site

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Nothing makes a site more eye-catching, award-winning, and conversion-worthy than pristine photos of you and your team. Sites like and utilize striking custom imagery that immediately draws the viewer in and complements the site design, but the homepage isn’t all that matters. If you want a cutting-edge website, we highly recommend making your attorney bios the star of the show by incorporating professional photos. Sites like,, and are just three great examples that demonstrate the power of a good bio photo.

Attorney Bio Photos

If you’ve been involved in the creation of a website in the past, you probably already know that the photo selection process can be complicated and frustrating. Simply following the steps below will help ensure this process goes smoothly from start to finish.

1. Plan to have new photos taken

This may seem obvious, but if you’re having a new website created, it’s always a good idea to get new photos taken as well. When potential clients visit your site, it’s important that they see you as you are now, not the you from 10 years ago. Depending on how many attorneys and associates work at your firm, it can be complicated to schedule and budget for a photo session, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Before beginning your site planning, look at a few other law firm websites and decide what type of bio photos best fit your team, such as headshots or full-length images, and serious vs. laid back. For some ideas, check out our blog on the different types of bio photos here.

2. Don’t jump ahead! 

If you’re in the process of building a new website, wait until your site design is complete and approved before booking a photographer. This will lead to a cohesive site and will allow your designers to plan out the photos to match the site perfectly.

3. Hire the right photographer

Although some of our clients happen to know very talented photographers, you may want to avoid hiring your new office manager’s brother-in-law, who specializes in wildlife photography. Review portfolios of photographers in your area with expertise in professional headshots, and pay special attention to lighting, clarity/crispness, and backgrounds.

If your firm has locations in different cities or states, you may need to hire multiple photographers. Looking for photographers with similar styles will help ensure the photos remain consistent throughout the site.

4. Plan your photo shoot

Provide the photographer with a detailed list of photo specifications from your designers. Depending on whether photos are headshots or candid shots, individual or group shots, your photographer will need to plan where the shoot will occur, so it’s important that they know your intentions upfront.

5. Nothing lasts forever – keep your bios updated!

Attorneys sometimes come and go. When a new face joins your team, have a plan in place to get new photos taken of them that are consistent with the others.

With these easy steps, you’ll be sure to boast eye-catching and memorable bios on your law firm website.

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