Florida Lawyers: Update Your Website Content to Reflect Recent Tort Reform Legislation

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed House Bill 837, “Civil Remedies,” into law In March 2023 and the bill contains significant tort reform that impacts civil litigation in Florida. For many Florida lawyers with basic legal information on their website, this means an update to your law firm website content is necessary.

Among the changes is the modification of Florida’s comparative negligence standard from a “pure” comparative negligence standard to a “modified” comparative negligence standard, the reduction of the statute of limitations for general negligence claims from four years to two years, and changes in the admissibility of evidence in past and future medical expenses. The bill also introduces a new duty of good faith for insureds and claimants in bad faith actions in Florida. 

Update Your Website Content to Reflect Florida Tort Reform Law

PaperStreet is constantly monitoring changes in the law that would impact how our clients represent themselves online. For many lawyers in Florida, their website core content is now out-of-date with information that is no longer accurate. Whether you agree with the legislation or not, it’s important to ensure your core website content (think your practice area pages) reflects current law.

Contact us today to learn how PaperStreet can make updates to your existing website content directly in your CMS to come into compliance with the new laws. Our attorney writers can help your personal injury law firm: 

  • Write a 500-word blog post summarizing the new rules.
  • Write a social media post for you to share with your followers.
  • Update the existing copy of your website to reflect the new laws. 
  • Provide a custom quote to update old blog posts.

Reach out to PaperStreet today to ensure you are providing potential new customers with the most accurate information that applies to their potential lawsuit.

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