How to Make Your Legal Blog Posts More Appealing to Potential Clients

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Creating a legal blog that appeals to potential clients starts with quality content. Your reader is looking for solid advice that helps them address their legal needs. You want to be the legal authority they can reach out to for guidance. The more difficult task, however, is to present that information in an engaging way that educates them AND encourages a potential client to hire your firm. Accordingly, this blog posts outlines how to create a post that a potential client will find informative and persuade them to choose your practice for their legal needs.

Find Topics That Are Relevant to Client’s Needs 

You already know what practice areas you’ll be writing about, but now it’s time to figure out topics that will entice your clients to read your blogs. The best place to start is to assess the issues you see your clients deal with on a day-to-day basis. You can use facts from unique cases you’ve dealt with to give your clients an idea about who you serve. Answer the questions you’re asked the most. Anything to get your clients thinking and show that you’re looking out for their best interests can help bring traffic to your blog.   

Make Your Blogs Easy to Read

As you write your blog posts, you want to make them easy to read. Focus on structure, as structure is critical in keeping an audience engaged in what you’re writing. 

To make your posts easily digestible, you should use formatting tools such as: 

  • headings, 
  • subheadings, 
  • bullets,
  • images, 
  • infographics, 
  • and other visually appealing effects. 

A properly crafted structure helps keep your blog posts skimmable. This is appealing to readers because they can easily determine if an article is relevant to their needs and quickly find the information they’re looking for.

The tone of your content also matters. Keep your content friendly and understandable. To do this, you should write your blog in natural language, not legalese. Don’t just write topics to write — make your article as relatable to your potential client’s life and situation as possible.

Grab Your Client’s Attention

Make sure your title, image and headings grab your client’s attention. Headings should directly relate to the topic you write about and help address the reader’s intent for the search. For example, most readers skim blog posts before reading, so having a heading that helps answer their legal questions will keep them on your page longer, making them more likely to read the entirety of your content. Similarly, blogs with images receive a staggering 94% more views.

 Make It Easy to Get in Touch 

You want your reader to take action after reading your blog. Since your client is reading this blog to answer a legal question, you want to make it easy for them to contact you. Therefore, make sure each blog post has a call to action, “CTA”, for your reader to follow. Usually, this includes your law firm name, a link to “Contact Us,” and your phone number. You’ve already established a relationship with them through your blog post, so providing an easy way to get in touch with your firm makes them consider your legal services more likely. 

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