Digital Marketing Checklist for 2024

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As the year draws to a close, it’s time to create your lawyer marketing strategy for 2024. The process can be daunting, so we provided 5 questions to ask yourself regarding your efforts. Your answers will outline what areas you need to focus on first

Content Marketing: Have you edited your content and added it to a new page each month?

Content editing is an important part of your website not just for your clients but for the website SEO. Updating content will show clients you are up to date with the latest news or law. This will show google that you are active on the website which will help with search ranking.

The Americans with Disabilities Act – Is your site ADA compliant?

Signed into law in 1990 to protect the rights of people with disabilities, the ADA ensures that government agencies and private companies provide reasonable accommodations and provide useful accommodations — including employment opportunities — for people with disabilities.

ADA compliance is becoming a big deal in the legal community. You want to make sure your site is ADA complaint, and you are practicing the proper techniques for updates to the website. Paperstreet can assist with getting your site ADA compliant.

Social Media Marketing – Have you at least posted 4 times a month on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook?

Social media is a must! With most users spending most of their day on social media. This is the time to target those potential new clients. Using social media video or post can potentially lead to new clients.

Email Marketing – Have you sent out a quarterly newsletter?

Stay in contact with your clients MailChimp or constant contact are a couple tools clients use to send out monthly newsletters. Firm news, recent victories, Charities are just a few of the topics used to keep the client engaged and involved with what is happening at the firm.

Web Design – Have you updated your site in the last year?

When did your website launch? There have been a lot of changes with web design in the past few years. Having an older design, maybe not mobile friendly can have a negative impact on the websites search results. From the client’s view they want to see their firm is fresh in the times. Having a responsive website is a must along with a site SSL.


By no means is this an exhaustive list. Instead, they identify the key elements to consider and help you brainstorm some additional marketing elements in the year ahead.

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