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Custom Photography: How to Get the Best Photos for Your Law Firm Website

Great Photography Makes Your Website Shine When custom photography is used right on a website, it can make a momentous difference in user perception, emotional connection, and overall impressiveness. Imagine the clouds part, there’s a majestic light beam shining right…

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The Latest and Greatest in Creative Web Site Functionality: Top 5 Demos to Get Inspired By

I don’t know about you, but the latest CSS technology is blowing us away each day here at PaperStreet. Flash is a thing of the past and no one is looking back. The new animation and transition effects that are…

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Top 5 Reasons a Law Firm Should Offer Legal Webinars

As a lawyer or law firm looking to expand your reach and stay current with your marketing efforts, delivering information online offers tremendous benefits. Webinars have gained popularity in the last few years, giving users instant and convenient access to…

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Law Firm Branding: Maximize Your Competitive Edge

PaperStreet’s most recent free-access webinar featured a topic often overlooked by law firms and attorneys: Branding. Typically, the legal industry is focused on being competitive in areas such as pricing or law firm size. We noticed in general, however, that…

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Why Fill Out a Creative Brief for Law Firm Website Design?

Why Fill Out a Creative Brief for Law Firm Website Design? And How Thorough Input Maximizes Your Results If you’re a client seeking a web design, one of our first steps is to send you a Creative Brief to complete. …

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Top 18 Ways to Improve Your Website

PaperStreet knows what works for busy law firms. Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, we understand – and anticipate – your needs. Based in our Fort Lauderdale office we design custom, award-winning websites. We have managed SEO and internet marketing campaigns worldwide for over 10 years.

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Conversion Rate Optimization for Lawyer Websites: Five Keys to Increasing Client Leads

Wish more people were contacting your law firm or business? If you have a website (or are planning on creating one), you must know what Conversion Rate Optimization is and how it can increase clients contacts and profits.

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6 Reasons to Design a Website and Logo Simultaneously

Whether you are a company looking to revamp your brand, or you are starting a business from scratch, there are 6 reasons why it’s advantageous to have your logo and website created together.

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Website Review Checklist

When is it time to give your website a makeover? When its outdated elements, design, and programming are costing you business, instead of generating leads. Run down the list below (or click here to download the PDF) to learn whether…

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Mobile Web Design for Lawyers – 4 Basics Your Mobile Site Should Have

The number of mobile internet users is rapidly catching up to the amount of desktop internet users. In fact, studies show that mobile users will be the majority of internet users in just a few years. Read More…

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