Web Writing Basics: Word Count, Dividers, Call-to-Action

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Writing for the web is different than drafting briefs or research essays. Users on your site will scan content, they won’t read every word, so you should write with this understanding in mind. When drafting content for your website focus on the word count, text dividers and call-to-actions.

Word Count 500 – 800 words

You generally need 500 words on a web page to provide valuable information and still get the search engine optimization benefit. A page of 500 words comes out to be just over one page of content single spaced in Microsoft Word. If your page is over 800 words it is possible you can split the content into two separate pages. You can check the word count of your webpage with this counting tool.

Text Dividers

Users scan web copy, which allows you to frame their focus on what you want them to see. Use section headers, bullets, hyperlinks, images and pull quotes to break the content into smaller, easier to read sections. These features put emphasis on certain parts of the text that readers are likely to see first. In the example below the author uses a pull quote to break up an otherwise large paragraph.




How do you want people to contact you? At the end of your page provide a form, link to the form (or contact page), and/or telephone number. When including your phone number use one of the following formats: (954) 523-2181, or 954-523-2181. Avoid using periods to separate your phone number because it isn’t search friendly.


Additional Resources

The content on your website is arguably the most important factor in converting. Check out the resources below to begin writing copy for your website that is readable and conversion friendly.

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