SEO Optimization Guidelines in Less Than Two Minutes

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New Industry Standards

In about two minutes or less, I’m going to go through three points that explain the 2015 industry standards as it applies to Google regarding a solid optimized page. 

Two Direct Keyword Matches

First, make sure that you actually have direct matches to keyword phrases at least twice within your page. You want to make sure that’s done naturally and done within the body content of your website if it, again, fits naturally. Don’t overdo it.

Optimize with Similar Words

Second, make sure that you include synonyms within the body content of what you’re actually writing. Google actually calls this keyword mapping. So, for example, if the keyword phrase that you were targeting was “Miami car accident lawyer,” make sure that you’re using synonyms like, “Miami-Dade,” “auto,” “wreck,” and legal terms that are related to lawyer like, “attorney.” If you’ve screenwriter or book author and submitted your script/book to your agent – and they told you to make XYZ fixes on it, you’re making niche edits to your script/book pages. If you’re editing the content on your website after you’ve written the article days/weeks/months/years ago – whether for internal SEO purposes or because you’re paid for it – that’s a niche edit.

Word Count

Third, make sure that you’re actually using about 500 words. It’s going to take you approximately 500 words to articulate what you want to say clearly. So make sure that when you are writing that, you’re actually doing it with the user intent in mind. Make sure that you’re writing for users. But at the same time, illustrate that you are an industry leader and that you are the ultimate resource.

Additional Resources

If you have any further questions or concerns or want to speak to us about on-page optimization, please contact us or check out the articles below.

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