How to Write the Perfect Title Tag

Crafting Title Tags that Render Results

When we launch a new website – regardless of the level – we set appropriate title tags for all of the pages. Even if you are not engaging in a specific search engine optimization plan, having title tags is a good practice and pretty easy to set-up.

When you’re writing your title tag, what do you need to know? Here is a quick checklist with some tips on how to write optimized title tags:

Character Count: Title tags should be a maximum of 65 characters long (including spaces and special characters). Use this counter tool to make sure you are not going over. Keep in mind using ALL CAPS will take up more space. To save space you can remove the word “and” use the ampersand (&) instead.

Unique Content: The title tags themselves should be pertinent to the page in question. For example, a page on car accidents should say car accidents in the tag. It is a big no-no to use the same title tag multiple times. Put the keywords in a different order or choose a new term. Do whatever is necessary to make them all different – this is critical.

Keyword Placement: If there is more than one keyword, place the more important keywords at the front of the title tag and the less important keyword and the firm name (if at all) at the end.

Keyword Punctuation: Spice it up, use pipes ( | ), short dashes and commas to break-up keyword phrases and the firm name.

Firm Name: We recommend adding your firm name for branding purposes. If you have a long name use an abbreviation. For example, PaperStreet can be abbreviated to PS.

Relevancy: The title tag and the content need to match. Make sure the title tag and the actual content on the page match and make sense, otherwise your efforts are counterproductive.

Title Tag Templates

When you have your text complete you can preview what it will look like live using the title tag preview tool from Moz. Below are some examples of web pages that have proper title tags. You can use this format to create your own title tags, just beware of the word count. Depending on your phrase you might have to make adjustments.

  • Home page
  • Keyword Phrase | Firm Name
  • Florida Personal Injury Lawyers | PaperStreet Law


  • Practice area page
  • Geographic Area (can be a state or city, whichever the firm prefers) + Practice Area + Base Term | Firm Name
  • Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers | PaperStreet Law


  • Attorney bio page
  • Attorney name, Keyword Phrase | Firm Name
  • Pete Boyd, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers | PaperStreet Law


  • Blog post
  • Blog Title, Firm Name
  • Tobacco Companies – Finally Getting Justice, PaperStreet Law


  • Regular page
  • Page Title, Keyword Phrase | Firm Name
  • About Us, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers | PaperStreet Law

The “keyword phrase” would encompass the firm’s PRIMARY geographic location (can be a state or city, whichever the firm prefers), PRIMARY practice area and a base term (attorney, attorneys, lawyer, lawyers or law firm).

Choosing the Right Keyword

You can use the Google keyword planner tool to find out which keyword phrase returns the most monthly searches and go in that direction. If I had a choice of the following:

  • Florida Personal Injury Attorneys – 50 monthly searches
  • Florida Personal Injury Lawyers – 70 monthly searches
  • Florida Personal Injury Law Firm – 20 monthly searches

I would choose Florida Personal Injury Lawyers as the keyword phrase because it is the most sought-after phrase.

How PaperSteet Can Help

We have a dedicated team of writers and SEO gurus who can help you launch an SEO campaign, or revise your title tags. Want more information? Contact us online, or give us a call: 954-523-2181.

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    4:24 pm on December 26th, 2015

    Hi, I would recommend as free tool to symbols and characters calculation where you can skip stop words to make the statistics more clear and trustable.

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