Law Firm Content 101: What Legal Claims Need a Practice Area Page on Your Website?

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Attracting the right clients to your law firm’s website is essential. After all, your website is the main entrance into your business. Part of an effective content strategy involves devoting time to your practice area pages.

Deciding what practice area pages to add to your website requires you to analyze your primary areas of expertise and the different services you offer. In addition, it’s essential to set yourself apart from competitors while making sure you are conveying exactly who your firm is. This post outlines what pages are need and how to present the information.

5 Steps to Determine What Practice Area Pages You Should Create

Follow these 5 easy steps to determine what practice area pages you should create for your law firm: 

Consider your Specialty Areas

Determine what practice areas your law firm specializes in. Next, think about the main areas of law you practice in and start with those as your firm’s main practice area pages. From there, think about the unique subsets of law your firm handles daily. These will end up being your primary practice area pages.

Do the Research

Keyword research is vital, especially in getting your firm ranked with the competition. Once you decide on your main practice areas, you’ll want to use a handy tool to determine what keywords rank on Google. Once you have your keywords figured out, use them in your practice area pages so you can compete.  

Analyze Competitors

Review your competitors. See what types of content they have out there. Determine what you like and don’t like about their content so you have an idea when writing your practice area pages. If they have a particular practice area page that appears in search results or you can see its popularity in some way, it may also be beneficial for your firm to create a similar page. 

Consider Your Website Structure

Decide how you want the layout of your firm’s website to function. It’s important to display your practice areas to be easily accessible and user-friendly. Categorize the content so that you make your primary or money-making claims stand out.

Think about the Firm’s Future

Consider possible areas to expand into as it grows. Think about popular topics that your target audience is interested in. For example, If you’re targeting car accidents in a city, it may be beneficial to create a page on ridesharing accidents. These may not be part of your current caseload, but creating practice areas pages now may help you expand the reasons why clients contact your firm.

Other Things to Consider When Deciding Your Practice Area Pages 

Avoiding content on your website is just as important as choosing what content to write. All content should be a larger part of a content strategy. It should have a purpose, to target the right audience so you attract the right clients. 

Here are some other things to consider when deciding if you should write a practice area page: 

  • Do you want to take cases in this practice area?
  • Do you want to expand to this practice area in the future?
  • Will these practice area pages help develop my content strategy with blogging, articles, and other content?
  • Is this duplicate content?
  • Is there an opportunity to grow my business with this content?

Overall, creating practice area pages is crucial to the branding of your website. Remember, this may be your potential client’s first impression of your business. The main goal is to increase your business, so it’s critical to clearly show potential clients the services you offer, all while staying caught up with your competitors.

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