Use These Law Firm City Pages as a Template for Your Own

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 Why is a City Page on my Proposed Site Structure?

PaperStreet recommends city pages to clients with multiple office locations or those targeting multiple cities in an SEO campaign.

The use of city pages can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • SEO Benefit – provide proof to Google that you are located in a particular geographical area, providing the opportunity to become the industry leader in that area (rank high)
  • Content Organization – allow you to organize your content in a manner that may be most beneficial for clients (see Conroy Simberg example below)
  • Information – clearly state where you provide services

For example, a firm that practices personal injury in Fort Lauderdale might also be seeking clients in Miami. Their targeted keywords could include: Broward County, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise and Davie. All of these geographical locations (some cities and some counties) are related to Fort Lauderdale, so the client may choose to provide a page of content on each location.

But you don’t have to be interested in SEO to utilize city pages. Some clients need city pages to help organize contact information, or provide a staff list (see Conroy Simberg example below).

When composing city pages you can include:

  • Geo Specific Information – statistics about the city/county, population data, tourism information, top industries, great local places to eat, etc.
  • Geo Specific Firm Information – for example, maybe there are employment lawyers working only from the Davie office, so employment law services are only available at the Davie office
  • Contact Information / Directions – hours of operation, driving directions, administrative contacts, Google Maps

Check out the examples below to get some ideas about crafting your city pages. SEO is important to some of these clients, and not to others. NOTE: The highlighting you see on the images was added when taking the screenshot to point out key elements. The yellow highlighting is not part of the original design.


Example 1: Conroy Simberg

The primary purpose of these city pages is to provide information that is specific to each location (attorneys, managing partners). The content provides an overview of each respective city.




Example 2: Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A.

An office location button at the top and office locations in the footer make it very clear where they practice law. Each city page is optimized.

Helmer Legal



Example 3: Kenneth J. Allen Law Group

SEO rich content that is easily located in the “locations” main navigation button.

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group




Example 4: The Law Offices of Ryan N. Yadav, LLC

These city pages provide an overview of the city and a Google map. Each page is optimized for SEO and the user can quickly find the information in the main navigation or in the footer.

Yadav, LLC


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