Blog Post Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

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The PaperStreet team maintains this blog you are reading and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep the creative juices flowing. Your schedule is busy, so we came up with some ideas for you. Look at your desk and the emails you are crafting. You can use a lot of material that you generate every day – long emails, new internal documents, photos, news blurbs. If you can’t make a connection, review the list below for some fresh ideas.

  • Create a list of online tools you work with every day (for example, dictionary.com, thesaurus.com, word counter and ShortURL)
  • Compare  things / procedures / processes – Mac vs. PC, WordPress vs. TotalControl, Mediation vs. Trial
  • [Insert Any Subject Here] For Idiots – examples: DUI for Idiots, Legal Fees for Idiots, Hiring a Lawyer for Idiots
  • Do you do a certain task every day? Write a blurb about how to do it.
  • A list of resources – like a reading list – about any one subject, like traffic laws, traffic signs, weather trends
  • Weird Laws – research and paraphrase
  • Freebies – what are your favorite freebies online (work-related)?
  • Case Studies – this is my favorite thing to read on attorney websites. Brad about yourself and your results (just be sure to follow bar rules).
  • Take a poll of your team. Ask anything (it can be personal, or business related – Why do you love Ft. Lauderdale? How do you organize your email / to-do list?

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