Basic SEO: What is Included with a Website Design Contract?

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Base Keyword Research & On-Page Search Optimization

We want your firm to succeed online.  Even if your goal is simply a website that improves your firm’s brand, we want your firm to have every chance to rank high in search.  This is why we include keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions, seo enhancement and other on-page techniques in our website builds.  Whether you rank high will be based on other factors, such as content, authority, domain, speed, and social signals. However, we will build your site so that it has every chance to succeed – that’s our job.

What SEO is Included with a Website Design?

As part of your web design project, we include the following base SEO services:

  1. Keyword Research – We use your practice areas, geographic areas and the terms lawyer/attorney/law firm to create a matrix of possible search keyword phrases.  We then discover what phrases clients are actually searching for through Google’s own databases.
  2. Title Tags – We provide custom title tags for the key pages of your site.  We provide automatic title tags for blog posts, practice pages, attorney bios, and general non-essential pages.  Those title tags are written by an algorithm based on your headline and/or page name.
  3. Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are automatically pulled from the text of the webpage, but we craft a custom meta description for key pages of your site.  If you would like customized meta descriptions, we can write those at an extra per page rate.
  4. Proper Site Architecture – We include search engine friendly page names, 301 redirects, XML sitemaps, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster tools.  If you need other site architecture elements, please contact us for a discussion.

Expectations for Keyword Research

The goal of the keyword research is to show you what terms are searched for monthly.  We will provide you with a document that outlines possible terms with the actual search numbers.  This will allow you to craft your content and structure your site to rank higher.  We also can answer any questions on the report, but if you need additional consultation, please consider upgrading to a full SEO package.

Will I Rank High?

You need to use the phrases on your website in order to rank high. However, simply sticking the keyword phrases in the website will not increase your rankings significantly.  Knowing what keyword phrases to use is the start, hence the research.  The next step is creating pages that match your keyword phrases and using the terms in the title, headlines and actual text.

However, rankings are based on authority.  Your authority can be increased by having quality links and citations from other websites such as: legal directories, newspapers, non-profit organizations, education and government institutions, other law firms, social networking websites, and any high quality/trusted source.  Please note that we do not include link building with our base web design packages. Please contact us to discuss, if you are interested in learning more.

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