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Chapter 5


Your logo brands your firm immediately. Find out why our logos are award winning and considered some of the best in the industry. Our guide will provide helpful tips, checklists and more.

  1. Colors. Choosing the right color can make a logo stand out in the crowd. However, it is also important to make sure that the logo translates well in black and white too. Keeping colors to a minimum is also helpful to keep printing costs low and it ensures that your logo isn’t too busy when scaled down on smaller screens or print materials.
  2. Colors Logo from Lace and Lyons

  3. Typography. Most memorable logos are because of the unique and versatile fonts used. By selecting a practical font and the right typography, your logo is sure to be timeless.
  4. Typography from Yadav Law

  5. Elements. Part of keeping your logo timeless is limiting the amount of elements, textures and filters used. For example, absolute “no, no’s” are drop shadows and photographs within the logo.
  6. Elements Logo from Mark C Wagner

  7. Simplification. The latest trends show that companies are rebranding their logos to a simpler version of what they have. Sleeker and more focused identities will become the norm soon.
  8. Simplified Logo from Murphy

  9. Gradients. Blending colors to form a smooth gradient has been trending since last year and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for 2021. It’s a nice way to use only 2 colors but add what seems like additional colors and impact.
  10. Gradient Logo from Dilworth

  11. Animation. A great way to enhance and draw more attention to your identity online is to add animation. Whether it be a script that looks like the letters are being drawn out or emphasizing a particular element within the logo, adding motion elevates your logo to the next level.
  12. Animated Logo from WACHP

  13. Casual Fonts. The chosen typeface of a logo can set the tone and trends are showing a less conservative and more casual feel to the overall look.
  14. Casual Logo from Schwab Gasparini

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