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Robin portraitThe Best Strategies to Consider When Planning Your Website Design

A successful web design strategy encompasses various elements and considerations to create an effective and user-friendly website. Below are essentials components to consider when outlining a successful design strategy: Set Clear Goals and Objectives Begin by defining clear goals for…

Robin portraitLaw Firm Marketing Vendors: What to Watch Out for When Speaking to a Sales Rep

Finding it hard to get the right marketing company for your law firm? Overwhelmed with the information out there and reducing the options to what you need most? With the multitude of marketing options available today — and the seemingly…

Robin portraitLaw Firm Website Design RFP Template and Guide: What You Should Be Asking for in an RFP

The following is a guide and template to create a powerful website design RFP (Request for Proposal) for your law firm. PaperStreet has replied to over 250 RFPs in 20 years, so we have extensive experience with the most important…

Robin portraitHow to Select an Email Marketing Program for Your Law Firm

When you’re ready to start an email marketing program or campaign, the first step is recognizing what you want out of the program. There are a multitude of different applications on the market for varying prices. Instead of sifting through hours…

Robin portraitWhy Are Google Reviews Vital to Your Online Reputation and Local Presence?

No matter the business you specialize in, reviews are the quintessential tool to help you rank locally, build credibility and enhance your brand trust. Google reviews are simple, effective and the best free tool out there to help you gain…

Robin portraitThe Secret to Creating a Strong Brand

These days, website growth is on the rise and competitive companies are constantly updating their sites. In the midst of all this, what is the one factor that can differentiate you from the competition?

Robin portraitTwo Real Ways Law Firm Websites Stand Out

When the time comes to create a new design for your law firm there are a few crucial features that will separate you from the pack.

Robin portraitThe Fastest Growing Marketing Tool is… Video

What is the secret sauce for internet marketing in today’s competitive market? It all comes down to content, especially video content.

Robin portrait5 Questions to Help You Determine If You Need a New Website

If you feel your website is out of date or simply not as impressive as it once was, then use this five-step audit to determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Robin portraitPhone Inquiry Logging: How to Track New Client Phone Calls

Marketing & Conversion Data You need both to formulate a marketing plan that works. Tracking your inquiries is absolutely critical in order to understand if your marketing is actually helping your business. Without accurate analytics, you’re like a blind painter –…

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