In Case You Didn’t Know … Content Matters

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Practice Pages Matter

If you take away site architecture, design, and innovative features from your website all that is left is content.  This should resonate because content is what makes your website unique.

When you write content your goal is to become the authority on your industry.  To be the authority your content must show that you are the ultimate resource for information.  You want to prove to users and search engines that you are the industry leader.  You can achieve this by having individual practice and location pages on your website.

Lead by Example

If you practice in corporate law, you cannot simply have a single corporate or business law page.  You need to break down all corporate law into various areas:  Incorporation, Shareholders agreements, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contracts, Franchises, Shareholders Rights, Corporate Governance and more.

Think of it this way, for every keyword you are targeting you want to have a separate dedicated page to support that keyword.  Not only are you supplying the necessary content for search engines, you’re also providing unique engaging content for potential clients.  Your objective is to provide as much information as possible to show your audience you are the expert on your subject matter.

Location Pages Matter

For large firms with multiple offices in different cities, you want to specify your content even further.  Not only are you the authority on corporate law, but you are the local authority in every city where you have an office location.

Google is getting increasingly talented at associating the relevancy of your website with the area that it’s located.  The purpose of content is to be contextually specific.  You can’t create a generic webpage and simply plug in different location terms and keywords.  Each location webpage needs to be tailored with unique focused content.

If you have more than one office you will fall into one of these categories:

  • One office, but multiple closely related cities.  In this case, your main practice area content should be targeting the largest keyword phrase you want to go after.  Usually this is the largest city where you have a physical office.  If you have other cities, where you do not have an actual office, you also need to create local pages that target those cities and practices.  Usually these other cities are suburbs.
  • Multiple offices in multiple cities.  If you have multiple cities, then you should prepare content to target each geographic area with each practice area.  This is the most time consuming, but needed if you are targeting a major city for a major practice group. For example, for personal injury for New York and New York City, you could have 20 personal injury pages on New York and then also 20 different personal injury pages on New York City.  That is a lot of content, but it works.  PaperStreet has a client in New York that did not rank for any keywords in Google.  We designed a new website and created all the unique content for each of their locations.  The site launched two months ago and now ranks on the 1st page of Google for 13 keyword phrases including one of the most highly competitive search terms “New York City Personal Injury Law Firm.”

Content should embody your firm’s core values, services, and talent.

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