Two Real Ways Law Firm Websites Stand Out

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When the time comes to create a new design for your law firm there are a few crucial features that will separate you from the pack. These things may be small and seemingly unimportant, but I can assure you it’s all in the details.

Your Brand is Established & Understood

You are your brand; understanding what that means for your firm is crucial to the design process. Ask yourself, or the stakeholders in the web design process, a few simple questions:

  • Simply put … who are you as a firm?
  • What strategic advantage and service do you offer?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Honest answers only.)
  • Most importantly … what can you give your clientele that no other firm offers?

These are quintessential in determining your value in the legal industry.  Once the answers to these questions are established then you must translate that to your website. This can be achieved through imagery and/or taglines.  The idea is to create taglines that define your firm and then back that claim with images (whether stock or custom) that tell the user in the first five seconds of viewing the website they have made the right choice.

scrrenshot 1

The branding on the Forman Watkins & Krutz website is evident in the photos, taglines and simplistic design.

User Interface is Easy

When you visit the Bancroft PLLC home page you are presented with three options. Learn about "Who We Are" or "What We Do" or "What Others Say."

When you visit the Bancroft PLLC home page you are presented with three options. Learn about “Who We Are” or “What We Do” or “What Others Say.”

While those two visual factors carry a lot of weight there is something even more powerful that can make your website a winner.  User interface is crucial in today’s online world.  It’s one thing getting users to your website and another getting them to contact you.

Your website must, and I mean must (1) be easy to navigate (2) have clear concise information (3) feature clear calls to action.  When designing a website sometimes less is more.

You want to subliminally guide your users through your website by creating a clear website architecture that allows them to find everything in a fast and simple manner.  Once they find the information they are looking for, make sure that it is robust and contextually relevant to naturally intrigue your user.  Lastly, make sure they are readily able to contact your firm through a contact form, phone number or chat.

PaperStreet Can Help Discover Your Brand Identity

The way your website is built can have a huge impact on your online presence and business.  Anytime you are considering a redesign, overhaul or simply a new skin you should consider these items to make sure you’re making the most of it.  Even small changes that are deliberate and carefully planned can make all the difference in making your firm unique and acquiring the right clientele.

If you need help finding out what makes your law firm different contact us and we can help you discovery your brand identity.

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