The Fastest Growing Marketing Tool is… Video

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Video Is Outperforming Traditional Text

What is the secret sauce for internet marketing in today’s competitive market? It all comes down to content, especially video content. Video is not only a great alternative to increase user engagement, but is rapidly becoming the most versatile and effect marketing you can add to your website.

Why is video so effective for converting clients and leads?  You are suddenly personable to the user.  Putting a face to the name or brand helps your company gain trust. A little over 70 percent of study participants say that video performs better than any other content for creating conversions (Vidyard).  These statistics show the direct correlation between providing valuable insightful videos and the increase in your return on investment.

Large Companies are Creating More Video

Video has become so important that 95 percent of this study reported that video is increasingly becoming more important than traditional content (Vidyard).  A 500-word page of content can be communicated to your audience in a 30-second to 1-minute long video.

The same study showed data proving that large companies are using video more than before. Nearly 35 percent of large companies create more than 100 marketing videos every year, compare that to only 4 percent of smaller companies and 5 percent of medium-sized companies that produce videos at the same pace (Vidyard).  This shows how heavily large companies are using video to market their business, and exacerbates how much small to medium sized businesses are missing out on potential revenue.

In another study the average user spends 88 percent more time on a website or web page that has video.  What a staggering statistic!  If you spend a small amount of time and money to create a video for your law firm or business you will likely see a large increase in users staying on your website, and potentially converting them to clients.

Video is so prolific in today’s marketing world that it now shows up in search results.  Popular benefits of video marketing include:

  • YouTube is one of the major search engines and is a must have page to post your videos
  • Video content is search engine friendly
  • Video is a rich media source that intrigues the interest of your viewers (that means more clicks)
  • Video’s are a great cost and time-efficient way to produce compelling online content that helps with link building, page authority & bounce rate
  • Video is more personal and persuasive, its helps build trust with your users

If you would like to explore video creation or marketing further please contact PaperStreet today. We look forward to helping you expand your video marketing.

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