5 Questions to Help You Determine If You Need a New Website

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If your website does not have the following features you are likely not keeping up with your competition.  If you feel your website is out of date or simply not as impressive as it once was, then use this five-step audit to determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Is My Website Responsive?

A full responsive website is one that auto resizes for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. In a recent study, mobile search traffic eclipsed 50% of all web traffic, so if your website is not responsive you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Responsive websites are a standard of PaperStreet’s development process. We design specifically with focus on mobile use.

Are there Calls to Action Throughout?

A call to action (CTA) is a commonly a contact form, phone number, or slogan. The intent is to gain the attention of your audience and implore them to contact you.  CTAs are especially important on mobile design (think about the click-to-call feature).

Does My Content Suck?

Content is still king. A great design can take your website a long way, but without unique, compelling content you may lose customers (or never find them in the first place).  There is nothing worse than finding a website that’s visually appealing, loads fast, and navigates easy, only to discover you have no idea what that company does.  Your content must be unique, clear, concise, but also convey your own voice.  Generic content is a sure way to lose your readers interest.

Is the Design People Friendly?

The old way of promoting yourself through your website is over. When designing a website you must have your user in mind.  Create something that appeals to users by creating easy navigation, topical content, and usability.  We can help you establish a fantastic user driven website that tells your  unique story without making it all about you.

Am I Using the Latest Tools for Analysis?

When analyzing your current website or building a new one, spend the necessary time on research. There are a plethora of reporting and analysis tools at your disposal, but a crucial tool is Google.  Google Analytics, Web Master Tools & Adwords can tell you a wealth of information on your website traffic, health, and potential audience.  These are just the basic tools that are easy to use and understand and can tell you more information than you care to know.  If you are serious about understanding your website and what your potential customers are looking for, it’s a great place to start.

If you find that any of these items are missing or lacking in your current website please contact PaperStreet and we can help create an outstanding new website for your firm.

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