SEO Plugins for WordPress You Should Be Using

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Try These Plugins

If you’re looking for plugins that will help your WordPress website from a SEO perspective, you have come to the right place. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the market. What makes it such a great CMS? It allows you to easily add plugins that will help add advanced functionality to your website that you might otherwise not know how to do. Take a look below for plugins that will boost your social media presence and speed up website performance. Both are contributing SEO factors in Google’s algorithm.

Social Media

Social Metrics – This plugin is fantastic for social media analytics. Have you ever wondered how many times your content is shared on social networking websites and services? You can find out by using this plugin. It’s lightweight with minimal settings so it won’t slow down your website performance.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons – This plugin will automatically add social sharing buttons to your web pages so that it’s easier for users to share your content. The buttons already come with responsive attributes and will look great on any type of website design. This plugin is great in tandem with the Social Metrics plugin (above) to see the data on how often your web pages are shared.

Speed and Web Development

WP Minify – This plugin uses the Minify engine to compress JavaScript and CSS files. The file compression performed by the plugin will help improve page load time and overall website speed. Page speed is often an overlooked factor when it comes to SEO. If your web pages load slowly, you risk a high bounce rate and less user interaction.

WP Smush.it  – This plugin is very similar to WP Minify but it is tailored toward the images that appear on your website. It uses the Smush.it API in order to reduce image file size and improve page load times. If you can reduce the file size of the image, you are downloading less data which helps images and web pages load faster.

WP Super Cache  – This plugin will also dramatically improve the overall speed of your website and how fast pages load. The plugin takes advantage of web browser caching. It generates static HTML files for your dynamic WordPress pages that are lightweight and load quickly.

Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin will create a special XML sitemap that will help search engines index and find your web pages faster. When new pages are added to your website, this plugin will automatically create a new XML sitemap that includes your new pages. There are also a ton of options that allow you to customize what shows up in your sitemap. Keep in mind you still need to submit your XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools after the initial plugin setup.

SEO Friendly Images – This plugin will automatically add an ALT and TITLE attribute to all of the images that exist on your website. Adding ALT and TITLE attributes to your images are often overlooked and can hinder the SEO power of your website. This is one of the factors that Google and other search engines take into account. If the plugin finds an image that doesn’t have an ALT and TITLE attribute, it will automatically add them according to the options configured in the settings.

Questions? Let Us Answer Them For You

It’s always best practice to keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date to avoid vulnerabilities. If you have any questions or are interested in SEO services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach PaperStreet online, or by calling 954-523-2181.

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