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10 Helpful Tips That Improve Website Load Speed

In this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of having a faster site, helpful tips to improve your website load speed and some popular speed testing tools. It may come as some surprise but search engine usage on…

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3 Actionable Google Analytics Reports to Improve Your Website [Guide]

There are many different reports and data contained in Google Analytics. In this post, we will highlight three reports that we find most helpful for taking actionable measures for website and marketing improvements. Traffic Channel Report This report can be…

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Google Now Shows Search Console Data in Search Results

A cool feature that we recently noticed and wanted to share is that Google is now showing keyword performance data from Search Console directly in the search results. The data shows the amount of clicks, impressions and your average ranking…

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Switching to a New Domain Name? Inform Google and Bing [Guide]

Switching your domain name should always be thought of as a last resort, but if you have to do it we recommend using Google’s “Change of Address” tool.

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Were You Mailed a Google Beacon? Find Out What Steps to Take

Google has started sending out beacons to businesses who have used their paid advertising services. If you have received one in the mail, we encourage you to set it up at your place of business. Please see below for more…

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Get to Know your Visitors Better with Event Tracking and Google Analytics [Guide]

In this post, we will show you how to setup Event Tracking with Google Analytics for your website. You will be able to track how certain elements of your website are interacted with (i.e. how many times a button or…

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How to Update Google Analytics Data Retention Settings [Guide]

Google recently sent out an email regarding new data retention controls that allow you to manage how long your user and event data are stored in Google Analytics. The deadline is May 25th and we would recommend you update your data…

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How to Fetch as Google [Guide]

Below are the steps on how to use Google Search Console to perform a Fetch as Google. This action prompts Google’s search engine spiders to re-crawl these particular pages so they will be informed about what content has changed. 1.…

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10 Super Helpful Screaming Frog Features for SEO Audits [Guide]

In this post, we will discuss some of our favorite and most helpful features when using the tool Screaming Frog to perform an SEO audit. This post assumes that you have a basic understanding of SEO. See below for more…

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[Case Study] Is It Better for Conversions to Have a Contact Form on Your Home Page?

Here at PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on getting results for our marketing clients. One of the most important data metrics that we use for analyzing a website’s success is the number of completed contact form conversions. As a result, we wanted to conduct an internal case study that would test if a website benefited from more conversions if it had a contact form on the home page, above the fold. Read on to see our results.

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