How to Fetch as Google [Guide]

Below are the steps on how to use Google Search Console to perform a Fetch as Google.

This action prompts Google’s search engine spiders to re-crawl these particular pages so they will be informed about what content has changed.

1. Login to Google Search Console

2. Click the appropriate property based on where the domain resolves to

  • e.g.
  • e.g.

3. Click “Crawl” on the left side menu

4. Click “Fetch as Google”

5. Enter in the URL you want to fetch in the appropriate field

6. Only enter the URL after the domain name and trailing slash

  • If you wanted to fetch
  • You would only enter “practices/personal-injury/” in the field
  • To fetch the home page – leave the URL blank

6. Then click on “Fetch”

7. Then click the “Request indexing” button on the new row that is created

8. For landing pages with supporting links that also need to be crawled, select “Crawl this URL and its direct links” and click “Go”

9. For single pages that need to be crawled, select “Crawl only this URL” and click “Go”

There is also a maximum amount of times a Fetch as Google can be performed each day

  • Crawl this URL and its direct links – 2 URLs per day
  • Crawl only this URL – 10 URLs per day

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