How to do an Index Request with Google Search Console [Guide]

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Did you make a change to your website and would like Google to be informed about the update? If so, below are the steps on how to use Google Search Console to perform an index request.

This action prompts Google’s search engine spiders to re-crawl particular URLs so they will be informed about what content has changed. There is also a daily quota for submitting individual URLs which we have found to be around 10.

Please note, we are assuming you already have a Google Search Console account setup and your domain is verified. Also, you can’t request indexing for URLs on domains that you don’t manage.

1. Login to Google Search Console

2. At the top left, click the appropriate property based on where the domain resolves to

  • e.g.
  • e.g.

Screenshot of the Google Search Console interface displaying a URL, "," with a dropdown arrow beside it.

3. At the top, click on the text field “Inspect any URL in….”

A gray search bar displays the text "Inspect any URL in" alongside a magnifying glass icon on the left.

4. Enter in the URL you want to index in the appropriate field then click enter or the magnifying glass

Image of a web browser address bar with the URL "" entered. On the left is a search icon, and on the right is a close icon.

4. You will then see the current status of the URL – whether it is on Google or not and the accompanying crawl information

Google Search Console screenshot showing "URL is on Google" status with checks for Coverage, Mobile Usability, Logos, and Sitelinks search box. The URL can appear in Google Search results.

5. Click on the “Request Indexing” button and Google Search Console will process the request

User interface featuring a "View Crawled Page" link on the left, "Page Changed?" text in the middle, and a red-bordered "Request Indexing" button on the right.

6. Google Search Console will first test to see if the live URL can be indexed

A dialog box titled "Testing if live URL can be indexed" with a progress bar. The text below reads "This might take a minute or two" and there is a "Cancel" button at the bottom.

7. If the URL is valid and live – then the index request will be processed

Screenshot of a Google Search Console message stating, "Indexing requested: URL was added to a priority crawl queue. Submitting a page multiple times will not change its queue position or priority.

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If you need any help performing a Fetch as Google, we are here to assist. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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