New Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

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While you may be embracing a “new year, new you” mantra, have you considered what a new year means for your digital marketing campaign?

Between Google core and algorithm updates as well as the increased marketing efforts of your competitors, business and law firm marketing strategies rarely stay stagnant. It’s critical to keep an eye on marketing news – in addition to simply perusing the efforts of your competitors – in order to ensure that your marketing campaign doesn’t become stale.

To help you stay relevant, PaperStreet’s internet marketing team created the following guide to the marketing trends we expect to see in 2022. We outline what shifts we witnessed in 2021 and predict how they will impact the marketing world.

A Transformation in Video Marketing

The Change: Increases in the use of video as a marketing medium among businesses and law firms.

The Impact: We expect quick and trendy video reels from social influencers and celebrities, but in 2021 we saw a shift in video marketing working for attorneys and businesses. Video has so much opportunity for business owners who can be vulnerable enough to make a plan, take out their phone, and generate some content. It is no longer a trend for 20-somethings.

What to Expect in 2022: You can expect to see more viral and trending video reels (think short, funny, helpful videos) from local businesses such as law firms, boutique shops, grocery chains, nail salons.

Less of a Monopoly in the Google Map Pack

The Change: The Vicinity Update

The Impact: The design of the map pack changed along with those who are ranking within it. Proximity plays a much larger part, meaning Google is showing businesses who are closest to the searcher.

What to Expect in 2022: Businesses who use keywords in their firm name to get ahead in maps, won’t have as much of an advantage anymore. Google is showing more variety within businesses than before which means if one law firm was dominating across multiple keywords, they will lose visibility as other businesses are shown instead.

More Effort Directed Toward Filtering Unwanted PPC Searches

The Change: Google sunsets modified broad match keywords and changes matching behavior of other match types.

The Impact: A push forcing advertisers to use regular broad match keywords in general. Previously, modified broad match served as the “happy medium” between broad and the more specific match types. In 2021, all the match types have been somewhat blurred together and Google insists that broad match with Smart Bidding is all anyone really needs.

What to Expect in 2022: More focus on using broad match, which means more effort to control unwanted searches. This will be done by means of audience targeting, negative keywords, and keeping tightly themed campaigns and ad groups.

Streamlined Marketing to Emphasize Experience and Expertise

The Change: A decrease in generalized marketing campaigns.

The Impact: Designated marketing space for the major practice areas of law firms is becoming increasingly more crowded. Some firms have a mindset to add constantly more yet are unintentionally diluting their focus and losing sight of what their true core brand and focus should be.

What to Expect in 2022: Hyper-focused marketing. Be it with their main websites or through niche independent sites that hone in specifically on the true, main core focus of their firm and demonstrating that they are the industry leader for this narrower focus. Less is more. Obliterate the competition in who they truly are as a firm.

A Higher Emphasis on User Experience

The Change: Google page experience updates with core web vitals

The Impact: Websites that want to perform well in search typically need to focus on quality content and authoritative backlinks. However, Google has changed the landscape to have an emphasis on the user’s experience when interacting with a website. Hence, the release of these updates that aim to make sure website’s offer the best user experience possible. For example, having a mobile-friendly website, active SSL certificate for security, no intrusive pop-ups, most important web page elements load quickly, no delay to interact with forms and the page layout should not dramatically shift during loading and interaction.

What to Expect in 2022: We expect there to be more updates and further improvements for these areas. Google will continue holding website owners accountable to a higher standard of user experience and rewarding the sites that make strides to appease new benchmarks. We predict more page speed metrics will be required to pass and functionality that harms a user’s experience on a website to be targeted as well.

A Decrease in Text PPC Ads

The Change: Responsive search ads replacing expanded text ads

The Impact: Google will no longer let advertisers create new Expanded Text Ads for campaigns starting in June 2022. Any existing ETAs can still be paused and enabled but cannot be edited or changed. Advertisers will still be able to review performance on existing ETAs as well.

What to Expect in 2022: Automation is heavily making an appearance in 2022. With Responsive Search Ads, advertisers will be able to create a variety of ads using content that has performed well in the past and use ad variations that work for the target audience. Advertisers will be able to customize their responsive search ads based on Google recommendations, headline and description variations, and overall performance. Advertisers will also be able to use broad match keywords and smart bidding in conjunction with responsive search ads for the best possible campaigns.

Let PaperStreet Help You Stay Ahead of the Game

It’s one thing to be mindful of the upcoming digital marketing trends, it’s another to implement the proper techniques. Let our experienced digital marketing team help you stay competitive. Give us a call today to get started.

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