Questions to Ask Before You Start an SEO Campaign

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We find many clients do not think of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) as marketing, but that’s exactly what it is.

SEO and PPC are internet marketing.

Before you start a campaign you have to evaluate, as a company, your goals for right now and five years down the road. You have to be able to articulate to us, your internet marketing team, what is important to your business.

Having content on your website to support popular phrases isn’t enough. We’re creating a strategy. Your campaign is a long-term marketing goal. Asking questions like the ones outlined below will hopefully help guide you in the direction of understanding that internet marketing is about proving, on a marketing level, that you are only the ultimate resource and top authority figure in your industry.

Strategic Questions to Ask Yourself

In your next marketing meeting throw these questions out to the crowd, which we adapted from Rand Fishkin at Moz:

  • Why are you venturing into internet marketing? What is your overall goal?
  • What is the benefit you provide clients?
  • What about that benefit makes your company different from the place down the street?
  • What is your sales process?
  • What is your current marketing process (how do you turn visitors into sales)?

Tactical Questions to Ask Yourself

After you have a general answer for the strategic questions you can dive into the technical questions:


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