“Mobilegeddon” is Upon Us: What it Means for Your Rankings & Website

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New Updates May Change Your Mobile Search Rankings

Google rarely shares with the world definitive dates about when their algorithm updates will happen … but just recently, they did.

In a recent statement, the Internet giant announced that more mobile friendly sites will appear in search results conducted on cell phones, as well as relevant app content.

On April 21, 2015 Google is making an update to their algorithm that will affect mobile rankings. Basically, Google is preparing to give an extra boost to sites with a mobile design. If your website does not condense into a mobile version your mobile rankings could, and likely will, suffer.

Note that this is only for search queries made on a cellular device. This update is not (yet) affecting the rankings of a website from a desktop or tablet, even if it is not mobile friendly.

So, what does this mean for you? If you have a mobile site – nothing. If you don’t have a mobile website and want to continue to rank in cell phone searches, you need to get one.

Is My Site Mobile Friendly?

So glad you asked. You can use this testing tool to determine if your site breaks down into a mobile version. Just add your URL and click “analyze.”

PaperStreet, Make My Site Mobile Friendly!

Our designers and developers are experts at mobile responsiveness. We have plans available to migrate your current site into a mobile friendly website, maintaining your style preferences and overall theme. Read more about mobile design and email our Sales Manager for more information. You can also reach us at 954-523-2181.


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