What Keywords Should Your Firm Go After? Developing a Smart SEO Strategy

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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, keyword phrase strategy is just as important as execution. You need to do your research. And you need to identify your top business priorities.

Meta Keyword Tag – It is Not Used

Back in early 2009, Google officials announced that they do not use the keywords meta tag in their web ranking. To some people, this still comes as a surprise. As a matter of fact, if you are still doing it, and we have a client in your area going after the same phrases, we can’t thank you enough for handing over the research you are going after.

With that knowledge at hand, one might then question, how is an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign set up without keywords? Well, in short, it isn’t. We instead focus on keyword phrases, not just keywords. Just because keywords themselves are not needed within the META header does not mean that we should diminish the importance of keyword phrases. As a matter of fact, this is what your entire campaign is based off. And more importantly, we should not negate what they mean to you!

Brainstorming Keyword Phrases?

Anyone setting up an SEO campaign should care. Here is why. All SEO campaigns start off with researching what keyword phrases you want to go after. By that, there are 3 main items that are absolutely critical.

  1. Your geographic location (i.e. Cincinnati)
  2. Your main practice or product (i.e. Employment Law)
  3. Any generic term fits with your firm or company (i.e. Attorney)

The entire keyword phrase that comes out of the above example is obviously:
Cincinnati Employment Law Attorney

We generate a list that catalogs all your geographic locations, all your practice areas, and all generic terms associated with your firm. We have seen lists with a culmination of this information being upward of 26,000 keyword phrases! Yikes. That’s a lot of phrases to go after.

Research What is Important

So, the next step in our process is to feed this information into the search engine of your choice. We use Google. (Reason being, it dominates all other engines, hovering at around 65 percent of the U.S. Search Market.) Google will come back with ” findings on all these phrases. Some will show good search quantities; some will show no results at all. The numbered results that we go after are based on your site and what is important to you. We can’t stress this enough.

What if the Phrase has No Search Results?

There is a human element to SEO. This is the hidden factor of why you should care. If the results that come back from Google don’t have any monthly searches associated with them, this means that less than 10 people per month are searching for this subject. But, if it is extremely important for you to rank highly for that specific phrase and get those potential 9 or less people looking up that phrase as clients, then go for it!

Strategy is a key element when kicking off an SEO campaign. Figuring out the combination of what matters to you and what’s important to your SEO team is something that will ultimately make both parties pleased in the long run.

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