Website Not Ranking High? A Quick Checklist to Help

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If your website is not ranking high, then here is a quick checklist of things that may help.

  1. Moz.org Report  – Get a report.  It is pretty cost effective
  2. Keyword Phrases – Check what keyword phrases you are targeting.
    Are you going too broad?  Too niche?  Way off topic?
  3. Technical Checks
    • Robots.txt – Make sure everything is being indexed.
    • Sitemap.xml – Make sure you have an XML submitted to Google.
    • Hidden Content – Make sure you are not hiding content.
  4. Error Checks
    • Google Webmaster Tools – Check out WMT to make sure everything is good.  Sometimes a site can get hacked, have a manual penalty, or a notification of something amiss.
    • Any notifications or penalties?
    • Errors?
    • Back links?
  5. Link Checks
    • Open Site Explorer – Check out what back links you have.
    • Compare Competitors – Check out your competitors.  Get those.
    • Compare Back links
  6. Content Checks
    • Images as Text – Anyways to turn images with good keyword phrases into text?
    • Direct match for each keyword phrase? Make sure you have direct matches on your content, including  title tag, meta description, headline, body content and other areas.
  7. Local Address
    • Listed in Google Local / Plus?
    • Address on website?
    • Get Citations.
  8. Social – Setup social media accounts
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+


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