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Peter BoydTesting New Home Pages for Conversions

Your website is ranked highly among your competitors. Your back link profile is good, and your content is strong. But for some reason your website isn’t converting the way it should, and your bounce rate is through the roof. It’s…

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Peter BoydPay-Per-Click (PPC) Associate – Remote or Local

PPC Associated Needed. 35 Hour Work Week? Work remote? Salaried Position? Work with amazing clients. Apply now.

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Peter BoydGoogle Site Search Alternatives

Clients often come to PaperStreet who need custom search functionality outside the scope of what WordPress and Total Control offer by default. We have always recommended Google Site Search (GSS) as the best alternative when needing the perfect query answered. However, Google stopped offering GSS in April 2017 and will end all service in April 2018. So, here are new opportunities for new vendors and what we are currently recommending.

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Peter BoydLaw Hub – Creating Good Content to be Shared and Used

Good content wins new clients. You need to become a thought leader in your practice niche to earn new clients online. One way that lawyers can establish themselves as an authority on the web is through a “Law Hub,” a group of web content pages that exhaustively covers a specific topic or practice area. Here are the three steps to create a Law Hub, a strategy, plan and platform for showcasing your knowledge.

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Peter BoydNeed a Timeline for Your Law Firm Website?

Law Firms often have proud histories – and rightfully so! If your firm has a past to boast about, why not share it with your site visitors? At PaperStreet, we often create timelines for firms that have over 100 years of business history, but we can do the same for younger firms with brag-worthy deets.

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Peter BoydContent and Developer Assistant

PaperStreet is looking for a content and development assistant to help finalize our websites and make them perfect.  We are seeking someone who fast on a computer for data entry; it also helps if you are accurate.

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Peter BoydGoogle Chrome Requiring SSL for Websites in Incognito Mode

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology for encrypting your website traffic. Learn more about SSL certificates and why it’s important to upgrade to SSL.

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Peter BoydEmail Hosting Provider Recommendations for Small Law Firms

At PaperStreet, we are often asked by clients who they should use for an email provider. We recommend three providers, based on your needs.

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Peter BoydSetting up a Pinterest Ad Campaign

Deciding to run a Pinterest Ad is a great business move. Promoting your Pins is an easy way to get them seen by an ample crowd and will take visitors straight to the source of the original content.

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Peter BoydSetting up Campaign Custom Parameter Tracking and URL Referrers

We like to track inquiries and where they come from. Using Google AdWords, you can easily track the specific keyword phrase, ad type and device of the inbound inquiry.

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