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Peter BoydHow to Write Dominant Practice Content for Your Law Firm

Want to dominate search results for your practice area? Then you need to produce the best resources. Invest in your content and you will continue to rank higher and higher in search. Here is step-by-step guide.

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Peter BoydInternet Marketing: Why Focusing on Less is More

A discussion about how selecting the best internet marketing strategies for your company is better than selecting them all.

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Peter BoydGoogle Related Content Carousel on Mobile Searches for Law Firms

We have noticed that on certain mobile queries a related carousel is now appearing at the bottom of search results for various law firms.  These related content carousels feature nearby firms (and most likely competitors). Related Carousel Content The carousel of information…

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Peter BoydHow to Improve Search Rankings on Existing Websites

Existing websites with high domain authority typically need a different search marketing plan. Below is our checklist when analyzing an existing website that wants to improve in search.

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Peter BoydCompany Marketing Spam

Pete discusses the ins and outs of company marketing spam.

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Peter Boyd7 Tips for Better PPC Banner Ad Tips for Law Firms

Pete gives tips on how to make the best banner for your law firm.

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Peter BoydHow to Rank Higher in Search Results: Your Next Steps After a Website Launch

Congrats, your new website launch! So, why are you not #1 for your key practice area in your city? Good question. Let’s explain what it will take to rank high and where you can start.

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Peter BoydNow Hiring: SEO Intern

Interested in Internet Marketing? Thoughts of getting involved in Search Engine Optimization and learning more about it? Do you love research? Analyzing a website? Improving rankings and conversions? PaperStreet is seeking a SEO Intern.

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Peter BoydIs Pay-Per-Click Still Worth the Investment for Law Firms?

We have seen campaigns have great success, as well as fail to achieve goals. There are contributing factors to every campaign that contribute to the success and failure of PPC efforts.

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Peter BoydHow to Sync your Webmaster Tools SSL Website Property with Your Google Analytics

We highly recommend that you sync your Webmaster Tools SSL website property with your Google Analytics website property when you upgrade to a SSL certificate (in fact, just do it – seriously). In short, your query data will not sync automatically unless you make a change, so there is action required on your part.

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