Bots, Bots, Bots: Musing on the Future of AI

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My quick thoughts on A.I., “Bots”, and chatGPT.  I am posting this to see what turns out true in the next 5 to 10 years.

  1. Who is the Gatekeeper of New Information? Bots will only be as good as their most recent index, so they will need to constantly be fed new info to continue to learn.  Who feeds that information?  Who decides what will go into the new index?  Similar to how newspapers could control society during the 1900s, and similar to how social media could influence 2000s, then whoever controls the feed of new info into the index will influence 2030 and beyond. Who controls the settings and algorithm?  Once a bot becomes trusted, it will be easy to feed it information to sway opinion, as people will take it as gospel. 
  2. Bot Takeover of Art? If bots fully take over all art, then no new works would be created.  We would just be regurgitating the same art in various degrees of similarity (much like recent superhero movies).
  3. Copyright.  The bots are really relying on other people’s work and just mashing it up.  This will need to be settled at some point. Whatever bot company makes it to profitability and has a war chest will be sued for a massive copyright claim.  If they can somehow settle or come up with a framework to pay artists whose work they have used, then they will continue their domination. 
  4. Bots can help.  In the medical area, imagine an app to recheck all diagnoses by doctors.  Enter a diagnosis in a chart and the app confirms it is correct.  If not correct, perhaps the diagnosis gets flagged for a human to re-review (or another bot). Bots can help legal the same way with a check on filings, strategies, etc. 
  5. Content / Code. Bots can help our team the same way with code checks / content ideas / perhaps even content creation to some degree.
  6. Accuracy. Whoever figures out how to make their bot 100% accurate will win.  Right now, chatGPT is good.  However, it has some inaccuracies and won’t admit when it is wrong. That means it can’t be fully trusted and doubles down on its inaccuracies.  If you can figure out accuracy issues, then that is a Google killer.
  7. War.  I guess if we end up with more robots and a chatGPT controlling them, then you could end up with a Terminator style, “kill Sarah Connor” future. More likely, you would end up with some despots controlling the bots for political goals – millions of content posts or articles being created, rather than drones attacking a country.  
  8. Pick Your Side. But there will absolutely be an anti-AI vs. for-AI future.  You will need to decide which side you are on.  There will be marketing that your company is 100% A.I. Free or marketing that you are more cost effective because you use A.I. to do X Y Z.
  9. Jobs.  Some jobs worldwide will be made redundant. Uncertain what yet. It will suck for some and probably make a few billionaires richer with more control over certain segments of the economy.
  10. Bot Detection Arms Race – There will be a bot detection arms race.
  11. Chaos.  Chaos is a ladder.  Bots will be part of the future, so you will need to decide how to adapt. 

Finally, I would like to ask, what is the end goal of A.I?  Is it to actually help society and solve current issues?  How does this help solve food shortages?  Water crisis? Climate change?  Crime? War?  Totalitarianism? Equality?

A slightly less cynical view; is it just something cool?  Is it just to make money?  Technology advances don’t always bring forth a positive effect on society. If we are just doing this because it can be done, then perhaps we need to hit pause – but that won’t happen as there is too much invested already.  

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