Copyright Office Rules AI-Generated Copy Cannot be Copyrighted 

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The U.S. Copyright Office has recently released new guidelines regarding copyright protection and the use of AI-generated content. These guidelines clarify that copyright protection only applies to material that is the product of human creativity and that applicants have a duty to disclose the inclusion of AI-generated content in any work submitted for registration.

When an AI technology determines the expressive elements of the material are not the product of human authorship, they are therefore not protected by copyright.

As a leader in the law firm marketing space, PaperStreet believes in maintaining originality in the content we create for our legal clients. As a former practicing intellectual property lawyer, I understand the importance of originality and copyright protection, which is why PaperStreet produces only copyrightable content that is original and written exclusively by lawyers. 

Our legal content writing team does not use AI-generated content. We have taken measures to ensure our writing team is in compliance with our values of original and authentic writing. When you work with PaperStreet, you will always receive unique and valuable content that is fully protected by copyright laws.

Within just months of the launch of ChatGPT, the use of the tool in content creation has threatened change the marketing landscape as we know it. While we believe these AI tools can be useful in assisting with the creative process, but they cannot replace the creativity and originality that comes from human authors – especially human authors with law degrees. The U.S. Copyright Office also recognizes this principle and has made it clear that copyright protection only applies to material that is human-generated.

We remain dedicated to producing original content that adds significant value to the law firms we work with every day. As lawyers with years of education and practice experience, we know they rely on us as legal marketing experts to create content that is unique and stands out from the competition. We will continue to deliver just that.

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