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PaperStreet Partners with Net2Phone Office

At PaperStreet, we are constantly seeking innovative methods to keep our clients happy. With so much to do on any given day, one aspect of business that is easy to overlook is phone service. However, due to the fact that the phone can be an essential part of conversions–in many cases, the first contact potential clients will have with your firm–this is something that cannot be pushed to the back burner.

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SEO Content Associate

Do you like to analyze website content?  Determining what should be added, edited, deleted, or improved? Do you like writing the perfect Title Tag and meta description, in order to rank high AND draw interest to a website? PaperStreet is…

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How to Write the Perfect Title Tag

Crafting Title Tags that Render Results When we launch a new website – regardless of the level – we set appropriate title tags for all of the pages. Even if you are not engaging in a specific search engine optimization…

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Your Website is Slow. Speed it Up To Rank Better and Keep Users

Most law firm websites are slow. They waste bandwidth, have too many database queries, run on slow shared servers, don’t use caching, and call too many JS or CSS attributes. This article will walk you through how to improve this in less than a day’s work. Each of the five tasks typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to finalize, with varying levels of needed technical expertise.

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Get An SSL. Google Chrome to Mark Non-HTTPS Sites As ‘Not Secure’ in July 2018.

Consider this your four-month warning to get your website to go with HTTPS.  In a follow-up to our post about Google Chrome marking sites as not secure when in incognito mode, Google is now rolling it out to all versions of Chrome this summer – sometime in July.

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SEO for Law Firms – 7 Quick Tips

SEO is ever-evolving, which means law firms must stay on top of the latest trends to stay relevant, acquire conversions and rank high across search engines. But with so many changes in what Internet marketing campaigns should focus on, how can law firms determine what their optimal strategies should be? We’ve got the answer. Check out our 7 quick tips for establishing a solid SEO campaign for your law firm.

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Why Is This Random Firm Ranked on Page One?

In a follow-up to my article about ranking high in Google and why certain firms do better, I wanted to answer the question of why some random firm ranks high. Let’s first start by analyzing the most commons issues we see and from there, we can then see why some other firm may rank high.

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Why Is This Young Upstart Law Firm on Page One? [SPOILER] They Have Better Content

Is your law firm website lagging behind in Google search rankings? Is a new firm with presumably less experience stealing your thunder? Wondering what you can do to snag page one on SERPs? We’ve got the 411. Read on to find out more.

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2018 Law Firm Marketing Guide: New Ideas and Best Practices

The new year is here and with it, comes the opportunity for law firm marketing to change and evolve in exciting ways. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, and ensure you’re putting your best marketing foot forward, we’ve compiled our top new ideas and best practices for law firm marketing in 2018.

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Testing New Home Pages for Conversions

Your website is ranked highly among your competitors. Your back link profile is good, and your content is strong. But for some reason your website isn’t converting the way it should, and your bounce rate is through the roof. It’s…

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