Top 18 Ways to Improve Your Website

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PaperStreet knows what works for busy law firms. Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, we understand – and anticipate – your needs.

Based in our Fort Lauderdale office we design custom, award-winning websites. We have managed SEO and internet marketing campaigns worldwide for over 10 years.

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  1. Message: Have a clear message, powerful tagline and crisp logo.
  2. Brand: Have a unified brand across all your websites and print materials.
  3. Typography: Enlarge headlines and paragraphs for information hierarchy.
  4. Imagery: Feature imagery that best represents your brand.
  5. Content: Feature your most important content on the home page.
  6. Structure: Create an organized structure for your website.

Technology, Usability & Platform

  1. Content System: Make it easy to update your website.
  2. Errors: No missing pages or broken links.
  3. Build: Make your website W3C compliant and full HTML.
  4. Tools: Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools, Sitemaps and Analytics.
  5. Technology: Make your site at least 960 pixels wide and have clear rollovers.
  6. Blog: Make sure you blog. Become an authority in your area.


  1. Calls to Action: Include your contact information in header, footer & sidebar.
  2. SEO: Build Links to your website and properly tag your site’s web pages.
  3. Social: Integrate Social Media into your website and network.
  4. Content: Write regularly. Become an authority in your area.
  5. Mobile: Create a mobile version of your website or “Responsive Design”.
  6. Paid: Consider paid ads online to increase traffic and convert users.

If you have any questions regarding a website design or would like to receive a FREE site analysis, Call us at 954-523-2181 or visit: www.paperstreet.com

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