SEO is a Partnership: You, Us and Google

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A Shared Responsibility

The workload is normally split 80/20. PaperStreet will do as much as possible to get you on Google’s good side (about 80 percent), but some of the work has to come from you – the client.

Usually this results in additional content writing and regular social media updates. Some of this is included in our SEO packages, but almost always additional content will be required.

We also share this relationship with another entity … Google. Ultimately Google is making the decision about where your website is ranking and unfortunately there are no shortcuts – it is at least a six month process.

Our expectations of client involvement are as follows:

  •  Completing the Project Brief in its entirety
  • Participating in the kick-off call
  • Approving keyword phrases
  • Approving content writing / editing in a timely manner as to not delay results
  • Writing content that is assigned to the firm (as needed)
  • Assisting with social media setup (verification by email and text)
  • Monthly content idea meeting (via email) and regular review of content
  • Posting relevant content to social media accounts and blog at least twice weekly

In our best, most dominate campaigns, the client is directly involved in the process.  We have proven this to ourselves time and time again. Do you want to be one of our most dominate campaigns? Below are the best practices that will get you there.

  •  Goal – Provide Information
    • The goal is to provide the most information on your subject matter.  Post! Post! Post!
    • If you provide the most information, you will rank high.  If you rank high, you will gain traffic and new clients will come to you.
  • Content – Be Authoritative
    • Post weekly, if not daily, to the website.
    • Specific pages exist for each keyword phrase we are targeting
    • We post new content for the client, but they provide content too.
    • The content is interesting and not just boilerplate – at least one kick-butt post a week.
  • Social Media – Connect and Communicate
    • They have accounts at:  Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Avvo, LinkedIn, YouTube
    • They are posting weekly, if not daily, to social media.
    • They have followers on all networks. It is critical to get the Google+ (authorship) higher.
    • They are not just posting, but networking and communicating with clients (retweeting, liking, sharing, following others).
    • They are present in FindLaw, Martindale and other legal directories.
  • Content System – Make it Easy to Update
    • They have a main content system that makes it easy to post.
    • Content system is either WordPress or Total Control (the two best platforms out there, if you ask us)

The End Result

When our SEO campaigns are successful, companies grow and profits increase, but to reap the benefits you need to do the work – and it is not much. Trust us, the end result it worth it.

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