The Basics of Social Media for Businesses

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Social media can be slightly overwhelming for those who have never used it before. There are many strategies and tips that can help you market your business online, but it is important to first understand the basics.

Benefits of Actively Using Social Media

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases website traffic
  • Increases search visibility
  • Gives businesses the opportunity to engage with current and potential clients

Social Media Pages to Use

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
    • Local Company Page
    • Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

How to Stay Active on Social Media

  • Post regularly. Ideas include: Your blog posts, relevant news articles, photos, questions, etc. (For more ideas please see this article: Social Media Topics for Law Firms)
  • Network & engage in conversation with other users:
    • Add, follow, and communicate with other users
    • Comment on other posts and contribute value to the conversation
    • Like, +1, and share posts added by other people
    • Join groups and communities and contribute to relevant discussions
    • Always reply to anyone who reaches out to you or leaves a comment
    • Add videos to your YouTube channel regularly

Additional Resources

For additional and more in-depth information please see the following blog posts:

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