Social Media Topics for Law Firms

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It is not always easy to come up with original ideas to share with your audience via social media. No worries, we made a list of suggestions specifically for law firms.

1. Share Your Blog

This is probably one of the easiest posts you can share. Once you upload a blog post immediately share a link on all of your social media pages. Statistics show that the word “blog” is one of the most retweeted words. Of course the more interesting and helpful your blog posts are the more feedback you will get.

2. Share News About Your Firm

This can be anything from a new employee to a case you recently won. When something newsworthy happens take the opportunity to share it. Of course you want to be appropriate and always keep it professional.

Here are some basic ideas to get you started:

  • An award your firm recently won
  • A quote from a happy client
  • New plans for the future, whether it be moving to a new building or increasing the staff

3. Answer a Question Most of Your Clients Ask

Is there a question that you are repeatedly asked? If so, talk about it on social media. If it is a lengthy response you may want to use it for a blog post, but something simple can easily be tweeted or posted on Facebook.

4. Ask Questions

This is an effective way to get a conversation started. Make sure to ask industry related questions and reply back to those who answer. Helpful tip: Ask your question at the end of your post. This is vital in making sure the audience does not get lost and forget you were asking a question in the first place.

5. Upload a Self-Explanatory Photo

Photos get the most likes and comments, but their meaning should be obvious. An example would be an infographic. These incorporate both pictures and words, displaying facts in a visual format. If you are questioning whether or not the picture goes well with your post it is best to leave out the photo altogether.

6. Share Articles Within Your Industry

Find a case that is in the news and ask if others feel this case was handled properly. Offer your expertise and advice on how you could have offered a better service. It is also a good idea to find articles that show the importance of having a lawyer. For example, maybe there is a dangerous intersection in the area. You could mention this on social media and explain how you can be of assistance to anyone who is injured in a car accident.

7. Incorporate the Seasons / Holidays

The holidays are a great way to add some posts to your timeline. For example, there are a lot of people drinking on New Year’s Eve. Use statistics about drunk driving to introduce how your firm can help after an accident. Do you have holiday parties in the office? Post some pictures of your team having a good time.


Always remember that it is important to use a combination of methods for best results. Simply posting a link to your new blog post each week is not enough. Your social media should be a constant conversation with different ideas and thoughts flowing with your followers. The key with social media is to engage your audience and keep the conversation moving. Keep in mind that all of these ideas can also double as blog posts.

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