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Ashley portraitHow Do I Update My Address On Google?

If your listing on Google has incorrect information, such as your business name, address, or phone number, there are multiple ways to update it. Use the steps below to guide you through the process. Option 1: Claim your listing (Best…

Ashley portrait4 Types of Attorneys Who Can Benefit From Law Firm Marketing

Many lawyers struggle with choosing the best path to market their law firm and may be unsure if Internet Marketing is really the right fit for them. Every law firm has different needs when it comes to website promotion and…

Ashley portraitGuide to Competitor Analysis for SEO

To improve your SEO campaign, it is vital to perform a competitor review to understand what you are up against and what you should focus on to rise higher in rankings. Trying to figure out the next steps to take…

Ashley portraitSigns of a High Quality Trusted Website

  We use the Internet everyday to make purchases, research information, and share data in various ways. In fact, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches everyday. With so many websites available at our fingertips it is that much more critical…

Ashley portraitHow To Manage Online Business Reviews: A Simple Guide

Obtaining online reviews for your business is a critical component of your online reputation. If you aren’t sure how to get reviews and what you should do, follow the below basic outline. These simple steps will allow you to create…

Ashley portraitWhy Did My Google My Business Listing Get Updated?

You may have noticed your Google My Business Listing being edited from time to time and this could be the result of Google submitting new information as they find it on the web. They are constantly making updates to make…

Ashley portraitHow to Address a Negative Google Review [Effective 4 Step Process]

If you received a negative Google review and are wondering, now what do I do? This four step guide will outline what to do and what review elements actually matter. We will provide step by step instructions on exactly how to combat negative Google reviews through identifying the types you may encounter, how to respond and take action for removal.

Ashley portrait4 Ways Law Firms Can Stay Proactive on the Web

When it comes to your online presence, making sure your law firm stays proactive is crucial to keeping up with your competition and keeping your Internet Marketing goals in check. It’s easy to become busy with the everyday responsibilities that come with running a law firm and leave your website needs on the backburner. However, this can begin to catch up with you, so we always recommend regular maintenance to avoid any major issues that may present themselves unexpectedly. In this blog, we outlined four of the important website needs your firm should be paying attention to year-round to keep you on track for online success.

Ashley portraitMost Common Online Review Questions Answered

Online reviews are an important part of a company’s reputation. They prove credibility to potential clients and boost your business website in multiple ways. We have answered some common questions about obtaining, responding to, and handling online reviews for your business.

Ashley portraitIs Google’s Possum Update Filtering Out Attorney Listings In The Same Building?

Google’s Possum update could be affecting your local rankings. Read on to find out how.

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